Targeted Replies

Just flagging up an odd experience I have encountered a few times now.
When selecting the “reply to” option rather than the main tango Reply, I’ll get a dialogue box up, that’s targeted to who I am replying to but when I post the reply, it will appear as a general reply to the topic, not to the individual.

Its happened a few times and initially I thought it was just me so ignored it but had a few like that over the last 24 hours. Heck maybe it is me ?

Anyone else seen this ?



Yes Toby, I’ve encountered that too. I assumed like you I’d done something incorrectly. But it’s happened a few times.

So I am not losing the plot after all ! Thanks Gordon :+1:

Toby, it seems as if the platform works thus: all replies posted appear in the main timeline. Replies made by clicking a specific reply’s reply button are also associated to that post. If you are reading a topic from start to finish, you can choose to read all the associated replies to a specific reply as you go. Or if reading from the latest, you can link back to an associated post when you see an indication to a previous post in it.

Hope that all makes sense. Too lazy to make a bunch of illustrative screen shots to embed.

UX issue: it could be a bit more clear that the post is an explicit reply.

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@DavidP (@Richard_close2u @LievenDV)
Hi David. This is totally the wrong place to post this so please delete it from Phil’s topic (sorry Phil) after you’ve read it and perhaps passed it on. I’ve put it here because it’s in context.

I’m back on my targeted reply hobby horse. I tried to reply directly to Phil using the little reply arrow. For the avoidance of any doubt that’s the one beside the heart icon not the big red reply button. Instead of his user name and avatar appearing above the reply box, the topic title kept coming up. (I tried several times). I’ve attached a screen shot.

Perhaps this might help to point the way to a solution to the “it sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t” situation.

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Gordon, I moved your observation over to this Topic that is related.

I confess I have not tried reply functionality on my phone. I do almost all my reading and replying on my PC or laptop. I might pick something up if I tried some targeted replies on the phone.

And yes, all doubts banished, it is the grey reply next to the heart icon on a post.

What I have noticed is that I get different results when using the button. Sometimes I see the poster’s name in my reply, sometimes not. Seems to be influenced by where in the topic thread the post that is subject for targeted reply is.

If it is the post immediately preceding my targeted reply the behaviour seems different to if it is somewhere in the thread.

If you were making a targeted reply to Phil’s first post in the Topic perhaps that is part of the puzzle?

My workaround would be to quote from the post I want target a reply to and @mention the poster. That is simple enough in my browser, maybe a less effective approach when using a phone?

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Gordon its probably best just to @mention the posters name as @DavidP suggests. That way you have increased your odds of achieving a targeted reply.

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That’s what I tend to do James, as an edit, if the targeted reply thing doesn’t work.
As is the case here. :smiley:

How do you include more than one quote in a post David?

If you select the text of the comment you want to quote it comes up with option to quote. Just keep doing that to add all the quotes you want to add to the response you are writing.


That works for me, when you highlight or select it will give you two options but to be honest even on the PC the words are very faint. Left is Quote right is Edit. Wash rinse repeat for all the quotes you need or want to make. I find this type of thing very hard to do on my mobile, my fingers seem to have a mind of their own, plus I am an old luddite. So my experience is PC based.


That’s because your fingers are more acquainted to pulling off blues licks. Doing fiddly things on mobiles is beneath them.