Taylor introduces new acoustic/vocal amp


Looks nice!

yikes 1,199 looks the part though

Well the new Gibson amps are $1500+!

Not sure I would expect anything less from a company like Taylor and what looks like great build quality, they were never going to be the cheapest amp on the block…

@RobDickinson Fair comment.

Sounds good.

150w class D amp, so a ‘digital’ amp like most of the modeler amps. Stand/cover included which is nice.

Sounds good.

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Class D is not ‘digital’. it is filtered pulse-width modulated to produce the audio. The PWM is analog. If it were digital, it would be different.

The class D allows for a lighter requirement on the power supply, reducing cost and complexity. It also reduces the wasted power in the audio stage that gets converted into heat.

There seem to be a lot of class D amps in the guitar world. Lots of power, good linearity to reproduce the distortion we create in our pedal boards, lighter weight for portability. Just not interesting to produce overdrive and distortion on its own. My big amp is class D and designed to run off my effects processor.

Hey @RobDickinson – that sounded cold. sorry. it was my engineering self just burping that out while I wait for something. don’t be too annoyed please!


I like the Alamo Guitar equipment reviews. This seems like a really nice amp and I wouldn’t mind owning one if I performed and needed two channels for a mic input. For home use, my Katana amp has an acoustic channel that pairs well with my guitar and I could buy four amps for the price of the Taylor. However, it’s really pretty to look at.

Oh yeah, I’ve got a Fender Acoustisonic 40 that has a separate channel for a mic input if I needed it, and it’s great for my purposes and a lot less expensive. I just thought there are people on here who do acoustic performing who would be interested.