Tc electronic polytune vs Peterson Strobe tuner

which one will you choose?

Free app for my phone and then I go out and buy myself a big steak. :slight_smile:


Neither Boss-Tu3 all the way

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Come in a clip on version as well for non electric acoustics

“Back in my day we used a rusty tuning fork and we were glad to have it.”
–Old Crusty Guitar Guy


You were lucky to have a rusty tuning fork! We could only afford to buy the thinnest string at the music store.


“We had pitch pipes and a Mel Bay chord sheet and we played out of tune and loved it.”
–Old Crusty Guitar Guy’s Band Mate

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Guys, I know about the old days. I am not that young and when in high school some times I tuned my A string with telephone sound, picked up the phone listened to the sound, and tuned my 5th string
Also, I have so many tuners already just curious about these two tuners " clip on tuners "

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Maybe check out this thread

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I use a Peterson and can’t fault its accuracy.


I bought a peterson after reading the hype and find I just don’t use it, something about it’s way of showing whether you are in tune just doesn’t appeal to me. My main criteria for a tuner is whether it works in bright sunlight. Many are just not visible and doing a lot of camping means I need an outdoor capable tuner.

OK, I see it’s between those two clip ons. I would say neither, and ask why just those two choices? I’ve had a Snark that I’m really happy with, and it’s cheaper than either of those two. I also have acoustic guitars with decent electronics that came with built in tuners.

I have Peterson already and I have Snark too I just did not own any TC electronic polytune
Peterson is a must-have when it comes to adjusting the intonation of a guitar.
So I find Peterson very helpful in that way

+1 for the TU3.
I also have a snark but comparing it to the TU3, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I haven’t tried the other two mentioned here though.

I haven’t tried the Peterson but I’ve had the TC Poly Tune for a few weeks and am very happy with it. It’s small, neat but also easy to read. It’s kind of like magic that you can strum all 6 strings at once and it tells you which are in and out of tune! (It can also do one string at once)

Thanks when you say strumming all strings at once do you mean you need to strum on open strings or can you be struming E minor and it does tell you if there is any string out of tune?

You strum all of the open strings at once and it will show you something like this… It’s telling me the thick E is slightly out, the A string is more out and in the other direction (the brightness of the red light and it’s position above or below the centre line), the next 2 strings are good, the B is slightly out and the thin E is good. You can then go on to tune the strings you need, one at a time (and the display changes to a more detailed view)

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OK thanks , so can’t see if strings are tuned if you use capo ?

I’ve got the TC poly clip-on and it’s pretty good. However, I prefer to check and tune strings individually since when I strum all of them, some of them are still shown to be out of tune. But that’s just a minor issue.

You can also use alternate tuning modes in case you put a capo on.

Here’s the user manual if you’re interested.

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TC poly clip on is no longer available in Aus. Major safety recall due to potential defective button battery cover. Pity as I was wanting to buy one.