TC Electronic - Wiretap Riff Recorder - On sale £25 UK

Just a heads up if anyone is looking for a little hardware pedal recorder that Gear4Music have got this one on sale at the moment for £25.

It’s bit of an odd one but I’ve just bought one as it’s got it’s uses. First off its NOT a looper (although it will loop what you record it has no overdub facility). It’s literally a pedal with a quarter inch input and a quarter inch output. One stomp to record and One stomp to stop plus separate play, previous track and next track buttons. Every time you stomp you record a new track and you can record up to 8 hours of music.

The big + in from my perspective is that it has an App and you can connect via bluetooth. That app also allows you trigger the pedal if you want. It also allows you to transfer tracks from the pedal to your phone as an mp3 and then wherever you want as a playable track.

So at the moment I have it hooked to an output from my mixer and then back into an input on the mixer. I can record a full track (vocal, guitar and drums from my trio) on the fly and then play it back and transfer it wherever I want without touching a PC. Nice if you just want to record a good quality track quickly without messing around with a DAW (assuming you are using a mixer of course). You could record from anything though as long as you’ve got a cable with a quarter inch on the end.

Also for those with a Digitech TRIO it’s a very simple way to export your drum/bass tracks into an mp3 format without messing about with the laptop/pc. Just plug the mixer out into the pedal and there you go OR record the whole lot including guitar as well.

As I said it’s a bit of pedal looking for a job, but I’ve got a couple of jobs for it and at £25 it’s a steal.