Teaching guitar

I have just started teaching guitar to about 15 retirement aged people as a volunteer with 2 organizations. I’m using Justin’s lessons because they are so detailed and well set out. I’ve talked all of them into purchasing the app so as to speed up their learning. I’m in my 60’s and just retired from education department teaching primary music. My students LOVE the lessons and songs and are all making progress thanks to Justin and team who make it so much fun and motivating.


Hello Elizabeth,
Then the average age will soon go up again here in the community :wink:… seems like fun work what you are doing now…
I have some children and 1 of 40+ introduced to the app (I don’t use it myself)…only they haven’t come to play here yet,…soon one of 13 and 9 wants to come by for some lesson … wonder if that will work …
Greetings ,Rogier

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That’s awesome! Guitar and music makes life much richer and enjoyable.