Technical List Question

My teacher has recently stopped lessons with me due to how busy he is for a while, so I have 6 months to do some independent study.
I’m going to start with a bit of a deep dive into some of the Technical/Technique parts of my playing that I (and assume lots of people) neglect. I’ve made a list below of some of the things I plan to work on. My question is - can you suggest anything I’ve missed that you think would be useful to tackle that will make guitar playing easier in the future?

Triads - knowing where they are in all inversions, how to link them to play chord progressions, descending through the scale diatonically

Arpeggios - ascending and descending through the CAGED shapes from all root notes, improvising and playing with the shapes

Pentatonics - Major and Minor, knowing where the root notes are, linking between the patterns, improvising

Scales - Learning the full major and natural minor scale shapes, scale sequences and scales in 3rds etc.

Chords - playing chord progressions in different ways with a variety of different chord types

Legato - improve my pull-offs to play runs

Not all of this at once obviously, and a lot of stuff on this list I ‘sort of’ know, but it’s getting the knowledge at my fingertips in a jamming situation.
Many thanks and any advice appreciated.

Guess this very much depends on where you are at right now and what you have covered already.


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This is a fair comment

One huge thing missing from your list is songs. Learn, play , develop songs.


Thanks - yeah I have a list of songs I’m working on too - this is just the technical side of my practice schedule

But techniques need to be applied or what is their point.


Add dynamics (the aggression of string attack) to your list. This is useful no matter what style you play.

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just a few things that I need to work on, they may or may not be relevant to the styles you play:

string bending, vibrato, alternate picking, improving picking speed, using double stops, using slides, string muting (both palm and with fretting hand), transcribing

And what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re taking in person lessons and there is going to be a gap of 6 months can the teacher not provide you with a schedule of things to continue to work on and consolidate along with a schedule of things to work on in preparation of the lessons resuming.

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Something I’ve been doing lately is learning and playing 3 note 7th chords known as shell voicings. What’s been a real ear opener for me is putting the shapes together (similar to triads) on the fretboard and opening up a whole world of intervalic sounds.

The bonus on top of this is when I play these forms I have the underlying diatonic scale shapes/forms visualized around them and can play any colour extension I wish. It’s a really great sound with 3 and a 4th note or so on top.

Completely opens up a whole new palette for me, and I have a long way to go.