Technique: Legato Scale Playing

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Hello community! Is anyone out there working on this lesson or plays superb hammer ons and flick offs?! :grinning: I’m struggling a bit and would love to pick your brains!

Hi Liane there sure is plenty of people familiar with the technique, just fire away your question either here or via DM and I am sure help will come :slight_smile: nothing wrong with DM although your question might be beneficial to someone in the future who will stumble upon this thread, just saying :wink:

What seen to be giving you grief? I’m should we can get you back on track.

@adi_mrok & @stitch Thank you for answering my call! In a nutshell…fingers 4 and 5 have absolutely no strength at all. Hammering on doesn’t seem to be a problem but flicking off on a G Major scale is hard work!

What do you prescribe? Is it a case of just more practice or is there something else I could be doing to improve my finger strength?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts! :grinning:

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Justin has a lesson called the finger gym. It designed to strengthen your fingers. Guitar Technique: The Finger Gym - Strength Development - JustinGuitar - Guitar Lesson [TE-001] - YouTube it’s in the Technique section on the website. Also he has a few newer lessons on legato that may also help. I’m not sure exactly where they are. I’ll check for them when I have more time.


Is this the one


That’s it

Yes I think Stitch has shown you the right way to go about it, sounds like a lack of strength if you can’t get a sound off your guitar on any of the strings, usually better sound you get on bass notes but it is simpler on thinner ones although it might not sound great initially. I wish you luck and if you want to follow up with a video zoomed in on your fretboard that could help further


The Finger Gym is more about hammer ons but works on all round fretting. Before the reshoot of the lesson Justin advocated the Finger Gym for pull off/flicks as well but has since changed his views on that, so the Legato Primer would be better for them. Many were led down that garden path, before the lesson was changed. :rofl:

Pinkie pull off certainly need some time to develop, its as if that finger has a mind of its own. Which it demonstrates even when playing scales !!


@adi_mrok @stitch @Socio & @TheMadman_tobyjenner thank you so much! He does mention the finger gym on the video and I was a fool not to check that out - thank you for the reminder.

Also - who knew about the new lessons on Legato - I think this is just the ticket! Thank you so much - like the dinosaur that I am, I’m still working through the old course so I didn’t spot this.

Thank you dears :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Blimey, a back track on the finger gym?! OK, I reckon my best bet is Legato primer and if I’m STILL having trouble, I shall consult you oracles. :wink:

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