Teenage kicks by The Undertones

Just me reliving my youth by playing Teenage Kicks by The Undertones.
Justin teaches this song using power chords, but here I am using barre chords.
Got to learn the solo next.


Off to a great start Malcolm, sounded good to me. But I would add for a song like this a backing track would make a lot of difference. All in all though a good platform to build on for the whole song.


:clap: :clap: :clap:
Sounding good, Malcolm … solid punk-rocking sound and vibe.

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That’s a raunchy tone there Malcolm, nice sounding chords especially considering you’re barreing them. I agree that a backing track would add something extra but that does nothing to take away from your playing :+1:

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Hi Malcolm,
Nice tone :sunglasses:,…and you still feel a lot younger than you really are,…probably it will only work for a short time, :smile: so quickly start playing more :sunglasses:

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Good solid groove. Nice job. Hard to beat a little punk rock through an amp!

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Sounded great. Tight timing and clean playing.

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Really nice Malcolm, sound and play was bang on. As Toby said just BT would be nice on top :wink: thanks for the share

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I agree with what was said, tone is great, and it’s a sound that would be even bigger with some backing drums.
Keep at it!

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Thanks everyone for your positive feedback on my playing. I have found a backing track and will try playing to that… then it’s time to get to grips with that solo!!!


Cool Malcolm, look forward to round two, :sunglasses:

Did the earth just move?
Or was that John Peel turning in his grave? :rofl:
Gotta love the lads from ‘Norn Iron’
Sure, backing track & vocals would be nice, but man, that riff stands up by itself and you dialed in a fat tone for the occasion :sunglasses:
Try to focus on keeping your strumming hand moving consistently up and down with the beat. It’ll make life a lot easier in the long run.

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Wow that was a punkin’ good barre chord workout.
Well played Malcolm. I look forward to hearing your next one.

Hi Malcolm,

Nice tone from a song that has such a great sound.
Will you be giving it some Feargal as well as the lead guitar? :0


Great song. Really like the sound here. A backing track or some Feargal-ish vocals would be brilliant!

Once again, thanks everyone for your feedback.
I have taken the advice of some of you and had another go at playing this song to a backing track, all of the way through, minus the solo which I still have to learn.

After a few attempts I managed it without messing up, although I did mess up the ending here, I just couldn’t change chords quickly enough.

In answer to another comment that a few of you have made, sorry, but you won’t be getting any Feargal style vocals from me. If I tried to sing John Peel really would be turning in his grave!!!

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Hi @laser_171825

Good vibes and kudos for posting yourself punk-rocking out.

You have had very encouraging comment and support and rightly so.

Someone must do it and so I guess it falls to me to be the bad cop.

Look at your strumming hand. What is it doing? Or, should I ask, what is it not doing?

Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up etc. etc. etc.

And the movement needs to be fast… You need to aim to be playing this with a fast movement of your hand so you can strum the 8ths in the correct direction, with small wrist arcs, not big swinging motions of your forearm.
Justin teaches a Down / Up then an all Down option in the song video lessons. You choose. This is the basic strum pattern / count you want to aim for if going with the Down / Up approach…

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the feedback, and drawing my attention to how I can improve my strumming on this. I have probably neglected my strumming technique of late in my practice routine, so I appreciate your nudge to take a look at improving this area of my playing.

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You are the real teacher…this was just “our” test to see how well you pay attention :roll_eyes: :innocent:
Strange really, because a bad strumming hand is usually mentioned …

Malcome,nice to hear with the backing track…


You big tease! :rofl:

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