Ten Years of Giving Award - to honour the music and generosity of LBro

Original Forum thread here: Ten Years of Giving Award - to honour the music and generosity of LBro

Awarded August 07, 2021

It is just over ten years since LBro first joined the community. In those years LBro has done stellar work at improving his own playing, singing, recording and video making. The results of his efforts we can all happily see in the AVOYP area. In addition to writing and recording original songs, LBro has been involved in many fantastic collaborations with, (to name as many as I can remember, I will edit if I have missed any so please speak up … Schlaffenwagen, Scooter Trash, NaNa, Sari, Mike Sebastian P, Cue Zephyr, CagnOnRocks, pkboo3, CT, batwoman, most recently Oldhead plus, of course, his own family.

LBro has learned much about DAWs and music software and has generously shared so much of his knowledge and experiences with other forum members.

LBro also maintains regular long-distance friendships with a number of forum members - embodying the idea that virtual friends are friends. He also took time on a long distance holiday to Australia to meet with batwoman for a real life encounter. This fantastic recording resulted.


Further, in terms of simply being a wonderful person, LBro embodies our spirit and ethos. For many years I have noted that he regularly visits to make a conscious effort of catching up with all AVOYP posts from members old and new, listening and making positive, encouraging comments. In ten years he has amassed over 4000 posts. 75% of these are in the AVOYP area.

Finally, LBro often contacts us moderators with a mind to the smooth running of the forum. He has a background in IT and has sent me messages with heads-up info or alerts about technical issues with the forum and its workings.

LBro - we salute you. :slight_smile:


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But it was worth it LB. Meeting up with you was so very good. I wish we’d had more time though.