Test Your Rhythm Guitar Competences!

If you’ve followed this course well, it’s time to graduate and be proud of yourself. People will now admire your strumming skills! The final lesson is here.

@mods, I see @JGAdmin is posting a bunch of topics without links again (some kind of automatic process, maybe?)

IIRC, the solution last time was to manually edit the links by one of you tireless folks.

Just wanted to let you know…and thanks again for all the work you do to keep this place running smoothly!


Hey! Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile: New topics are automatically created when we release new lessons, but I just went through all of them and added the links.

These lessons are Justin’s new course: Grade 2 of Strumming SOS!


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Great course thanks. It consolidated some things that I had already been thinking about in terms of differentiating strumming patterns between songs and between parts of songs (my focus is singer-songwriting so I am always looking as to how best to create songs). And it introduced some new ways of strumming too that I am now practising.