Thank you Justin, appreciate all you do

Hi Justin.
It is good yo see you doing this for us.

I’ve been playing electric guitar as a hobby for about 17 years, and followed you for a good part of them. I was not that bad, let’s say at upper intermediate level :wink:

Because of a circulation problem in my left arm, I’ve had the thumb and first three fingers of the left hand “shortened” (to put in gently).

Could I give up playing electric guitar? No way.

So I’ve exchanged the strings on one of my guitars and am now starting again to play left handed from the very beginning. This means sore fingers, muted strings that should not be muted, the pick escaping my left fingers grip, volume tone knobs and pickup switch in a strange position etc.

Guitar playing is so much fun, and you’re such an excellent teacher, that I’m certain I’ll catch up and play left handed as good as I did as right handed, the more so with your help.

Thanks a lot.

PS: Akai, my dog, says hello to Ziggy :wink: