Thank you Justin, JG team, and JG Community

After directing someone to this subsection I realized that I had not posted myself here.

Thank you Justin for the effort put in setting up and continue developing this wonderful virtual guitar learning environment and making it available on a pay as you go, pay as much as you can afford to pay basis.

These are some thoughts I’ve posted on some community topics:

“Justin has made enough high quality [guitar] lessons and song tutorials to keep me busy for some years ahead and he’s still making more.”

“Justin have successfully covered the needs of most beginner and beyond wannabe guitarist[s] at a level hard to surpass.”

“As a beginner [guitarist] it is easy to stumble on any little obstacle. Justin has done a good job in addressing how to overcome a lot of those little obstacles.”

In my personal case, JustinGuitar has provided me a path to move from somewhat playing songs flipping pages through my guitar chord songbooks (as enjoyable as it can be) to be able to work on a song till I can play it the best I can (until my tomorrow’s better guitarist can play it even better).

I want to extend this thank you message to all those who help Justin to run the place and to all the fellow students who participate in the community providing a lot of inspiration, advice, and encouragement and making guitar learning even more enjoyable.