Thank you to the "regulars" here

I’ve wanted to say this for a while, and it just keeps becoming more necessary. I thank all of you who put your time and hearts into this forum - the moderators and the long-timers who continue to support to so many people, many of whom seem to vanish after relatively short stints.

I spent many years of my life teaching (science and mathematics), so I know what it’s like to invest yourself in other people’s learning and then see some fail, often due to impatience. But I also know that what makes it all worthwhile is that there are those who heed the advice, put in the work, and advance.

I started in October of 2023, and I tore through Grade 1 (averaging 2 to 3 hours every day) in 3 months. In Grade 2, I’ve slowed way down, really focusing on quality. I dramatically shifted my focus to learning “songs, songs, songs” as Richard and so many others have taught, and I feel like it has significantly improved my playing. In fact, for the first time I feel like I can say I’m “playing” and not just “practicing.” That makes it even more fun, too.

So please know that what you’re doing here makes a difference. There are some who hear you, who want to learn from your experience and will follow your recommendations - and reap the rewards.

You all are brilliant. Thank you.


Thank you, appreciate the acknowledgement and recognition of ALL who make this ine of the finest online communities out there


Bob, thank you for your kind words directed to so many of the good folk here. I truly believe in the kinship of this community. I am ever appreciative of the number of people who give their time and wisdom and extend their support and encouragement to others. We are blessed.


Great stuff Bob, yeah for me songs songs songs just added so much to the reward I get from playing.


I am 110% in agreement with this, and thank you @grabhorn for taking the time to express it so eloquently.

There are so many great tips being shared on this forum (I would like to add a particular tip of the hat to @Richard_close2u and @LievenDV), and there is a lot of warmth and encouragement as well. It’s a very positive community, and that doesn’t happen by accident.



Absolutely and really well said. Such a great resource, community and support. :+1: :pray:


AMEN! :smiley:

This fun and drive is still the best teacher of them all.

Thanks for the kind words

We all inspire each other and “lead by example” by all sharing our tips or honest feedback. We all are, in our own way, a contributor in a Community of musicians and people.


Thank you Bob for your kind, heartfelt words of gratitude!!! I completely agree and feel the same!!! This Community is far & away the most supportive online forum I’ve ever been involved with…
Thank you everyone for the encouragement that is freely shared along with helpful tips & assistance with solving problems!!!
Bob, don’t think for a moment that I’m forgetting you… I have often thought that you have been a good person to have here amongst us!!!


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Thank you, Tod. You are quite generous. I consider myself very much a “new guy” here, but I hope to be around long enough and contribute enough to deserve your praise.

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