Thanks and accolades to Richard Coles

I am posting this to draw attention and much thanks and appreciation to @Richard_close2u for his hard work and teaching here on the community forum.

Specifically, his posts on modes and major / minor chord and progression substitutions has been groundbreaking for me.

Without his help I would never be at the verge of applying these musical approaches the way I now can. I’m even on the edge of considering maj-mode / min-mode melodic interchange.

Being able to tap into new sounds outside of the diatonic world of playing is absolutely exciting and refreshing. Richard has allowed my knowledge and playing to advance much farther than the main site itself - as good as it is.

My journey continues and I say again, thank you Richard for your most concise and precise language and teaching skills.


Not to discount the quality of any other posters’ input (which is always good) in any thread I read or participate in, but I am always interested in seeing what Richard has to say and what resources he provides in his responses that are always thorough, and most importantly, understanding of the original question.


Yay for Richard!


You are right @Richard_close2u is a good chap who has forgotten more than I will ever know but @bblak can you put your post in english. There are quite a few terms I don’t understand :smile:

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Very well said Brian.
I, (as well as many others I imagine), have had similar experiences thanks to Richard. Many of my own ‘aha’ moments have come either directly or indirectly from Richards input.

We are all indeed extremely fortunate to have someone of his calibre give so freely, and so regularly, of his time. And its always quality time.

Its one thing to be very competent with something, but another entirely to be able to impart that to others with such relevant detail and clarity. Its a gift relatively few possess.

There wouldn’t be too many guitar communities on the planet that would have a Richard Coles in them.

Cheers, Shane


In nearly 10 years with Justin, my other go to forum/community teachers have been @Richard_close2u and @stitch I would not be where I am today without their support, knowledge and friendship. When these two talk, listen. Simples.


Richard is an exceptional human being. A man of great talent, generosity, knowledge and kindness. He has a fine mind and a beautiful heart. I love and treasure him so very much.


Here here. !



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Thanks from me.

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Thank you for sharing your appreciation, Brian.

Richard is busy moving house so may not read and acknowledge this for a few days.

I am another of the many many students of Justin who have benefited from Richard’s encouragement, feedback, and teaching.

His contribution to members in the Community is immense.

Tip my hat, @Richard_close2u


I know you are busy moving house at the moment, but if you read this:

Huge THANK YOU! from me, Richard :bouquet:

Thank you for your kindness, your support, your detailed and always helpful answers to all kinds of questions, for sharing your knowledge and skills.

You (and the other moderators) are the reliable backbone of this community, and I appreciate everything you do a lot. :smiley:


Oh, that’s just great…
The guy is trying to cram his whole life into boxes and now he’ll need a supersized one labelled ‘Ego:roll_eyes:


Aah … I see that people are taking advantage of the fact that I temporarily have less available time to visit the community, not for mischief but for niceness!
You very, very kind folks. Thank you.

I have been meaning for a long time to write new topics that further those topics. Time allowing, I will get on it at some point soon.

I’m sure it’s in one of these somewere …


Couldn’t agree more with this and and for the whole JG team. The unwavering support, advice and guidance is always valuable and interesting!
Positive vibes all around :+1: :+1:

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I to am a student of Richards and I just want to say his knowledge and willingness to share it is without question remarkable. One thing that is so important to me is that he really, really, really cares and that’s hard to find. Thank you @Richard_close2u


Richard is a top man, I hope Justin bought him a palace for all his hard work over the years! :grinning: thanks Richard, looking forward to finding some time to get myself knee deep into your fascinating posts!