Thanks for the welcome

Hi Thanks for the welcome to the forum I now feel I am among friends and not some old git trying to relive the misspent days of his youth it makes me feel part of something glad I joined.


Welcome aboard. Very friendly on here and generous with their knowledge and support :+1:

Hi Guitarman & welcome to the Community!!! This is a pretty cool place to share thoughts, ask questions and generally share! There’s a thread about us “Old Dogs” here…

feel free to join the kennel!!!
Have fun with your musical journey!!!


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Welcome John,

The guitar will make you young again mate! Dig in, stick close to Justin’s tuition, and reach out anytime.
All the best.

Cheers Shane.

Ah hellooo another of us fighting off senility with a guitar! haha Welcome

Welcome Gman.
from one “old git” to another (got you beat by 4yrs :sunglasses: )
Great site, great people.

Mike (aka oldhippy)

P.S. edited my maths :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah, there are a lot of us who are considerably older than you. You’re right at home.

No ageism here, old, young, middle, we’re all just trying to make music with a guitar :slight_smile: Welcome John!

Welcome John. You’re amongst friends here. Plenty of us were clueless quite recently about guitar. Glad you joined us.