Thanks from Michael

Justin and Team just a quick note to say thanks for the lessons. Picked up the guitar again after a gap of more than fifty years. Have started at the beginning. Being able to play along with some of my favourite songs in the app is magic and makes it all worth while. Thanks again.
PS The new metronome for strumming in the latest version of the app is a big improvement.



Just a further thank you without your lessons would never have been able to take part in my first gig, Michael's first gig

Michael :grinning:

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Who doesn’t like a bit of appreciation and warmth headed their way this time of year.
Thanks Michael.

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Thanks from another Michael
Of course, thank you so much for all of the planning, organization, production, execution… of putting the lessons up.
Also thank you for the monthly newsletters. Great great information and sharing. I really like the “What I’m watching”, “What I’m reading”, and “What I’m listening to” sections.
Good stuff all around. Thank you again,
Michael in Texas

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