That 6th Trick progress video - Thanks for the advice!

Been busting my hump trying to learn this one. I think I got it for the most part. Lots of improvements left, but its definitely a go to warm up for me now!

Thanks for the advice to take it slow!




@roger_holland Thanks again for the advice! It helped out a ton! Got me in the right headspace for it.

Yeah, nice one man. Got the sequence down pretty good. Just “loosen” it up a bit - probably will naturally as you play it more.

Cheers, Shane.

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yeah, thats great advice actually. I’ll take that to heart. I tend to tense up when I record myself/play on stage.

Hi, nice job. You’ve got the thumb and fingers coordinated, it seems. One thing, though, you should aim for a shuffle rhythm, I’m hearing straight eighth notes. If you master that, it will definitely “loosen” up the feel of it.

cheers, John

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Hi Jessey,
I’m glad I could help you a bit… that already sounds great with clean chords/notes and I also like the sound on your electric… now you just need to get the shuffle feeling in the 6th… What really helped me was Justin’s video: first listen a lot and then slow down the video a bit and play along… you’re almost there…bring that shuffle in :sunglasses: :smiley:

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The shuffle

in the minutes before this he plays what you are already doing and from here Justin introduces the shuffle we are talking about… Have fun :sunglasses:

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Having a blast so far! I’ll keep working the kinks out. I think I’m understanding the shuffle a bit more now. It was hard to hear for me at first.

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