That's what I want (to learn)

Hey Community,

I’m a bit stuck. Since twenty years I periodically pick up my guitar and try a few things. I did some of Justins Beginner guides and played some Rocksmith. Currently I have a Fender western guitar with amplifier plug in and a Les Paul SG1 replica.

I seem to be unable to find the right way to play or maybe the consistency, or both. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I know I should practice more with Justins material and I will do so.

But I got a question regardings a style of play.

This video here shows an awesome version of Knocking on heavens door.

Learn How To Play Knockin On Heavens Door Acoustic Guitar

That style is what I want to be able to play.
I’m speaking of the hammer ons and pull offs between the chords, the strumming style with all it’s variations and so on.

The thing is, I can’t really see what he is doing and he doesn’t really explain or shows it.

So my question is: Can anyone tell or show me what he’s really doing how he’s playing that song -so I’m able to dapt and learn?

Any hint or tip regarding the hammer ons and pull off (how he’s really doing it between the chords or the strumming pattern in it’s variation - especially the outro - would be awesome.

Hey Boris, great to meet you.

First question is whether you can play Knocking on heaven’s door all the way through with just a basic strumming style and the same chords he’s using.

You’ll see it mentioned here regularly learning for many (myself included) is all about songs songs songs.

At first doing the hammer ons is hard, but once you are familiar with and in the groove of the song (playing without thinking), they get a lot easier.

The strumming is also quite good in that the player in that video varies the strum from one measure to another.

This justin lesson might help as well

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Welcome, Boris. I have no idea from your post how well you can currently play those chords individually, or in any sequence, how fast you can change between them, or anything. I only picked up the guitar a little over 13 months ago. I’ve been following Justin’s lessons in order and didn’t try the hammer on lesson that Tony mentioned till about a month ago, and it’s just an intro, a “taste” of what’s to come further down the road.

Maybe someone else can give you actual tips on how to do hammer-ons, but I hope you can do everything else with the chords in the song first or I’m afraid you’ll be frustrating yourself till then. Good luck.

Hi Boris, and welcome - if you check out the end of Justin’s video on this song (around the 10 min 30 sec mark) he goes into detail on the chord embellishments that you are interested in.

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Hi Boris, just dropping in to say hello and welcome to the community, you’ve received some great advice and links for your question anyway. Maybe just to add to stick around here to remain inspired and to help you through any other times where you might get stuck.

All the best learning Knockin’ :slight_smile:

Welcome to this community. I also can recommend to learn it on Justin Tabs.
This course is also great. I can highly recommend it.

to get the best answer you should introduce yourself first and explain your guitar journey so far


If you stick with Justin’s course, you should be able to play like this after Grade 3.

Enjoy the journey!

Ok, thanks for all the advice. I guess I have to keep on playing / practicing till I figure it out on my own, get a understanding of what’s really going on.

As for my skill level, I can switch between E / D / C major etc. pretty solied. Sure there’s a not so perfectly positioned finger but that is what I already manage. Also the standard strumming pattern from knocking on heavens door is no problem.
But the posted video above is in a completely different league. :slight_smile: And the stuff he does with the hammer ons / pull offs and the strumming variation is what keeps my interested.

Again, thanks for the help / advice so far.