The 2 & 4 Jazz Metronome

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just curious, is this the same kind of feel as reggae? Only playing on the beats 2 and 4 in that case. I’m struggling trying to play Blondie’s The Tide Is High with the proper reggae feel. I get it in a groove then I lose focus and switch back to 1 and 3 and have to stop to get the timing back on track. I tried using metronome as wll. Maybe using this technique might work where I only play on click of metronome (instead of 4 clicks per measure, only click 2 and 4). One difficulty is getting the metronome synced in time with the recording of the song as well.

Hi @Mike1982abc and welcome to the community.
The concept of accenting 2 and 4 is the same count as you would find in reggae stlye though the groove is different.
For sure, take this idea and apply it in a new setting to see if it helps you.
Note, in reggae, the strum pattern tends to be reversed also.
2 and 4 in reggae guitar tend to be down strums meaning 1 and 2 (if they are played at all, they tend to be silent or muted hits) would be up strums.
Cheers :blush:
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