The 3 Best Effects For Electric Guitar Beginners

I found this video very helpful and I have a better understanding now. I don’t have pedals, but the information applies to my amp and the fx I use in Reaper. I’ve never thought about the signal chain or the significance of what goes first etc … d’oh

Mods if I’m transgressing, I’ll understand if you take down.

Justin covers aspects of these fx in his lessons and he has quite a few lessons on reverb. This for for example.


Overdrive, Reverb, Delay.
That does just about take care of most needs.
Someone may chime in with ‘looper’.
They are invaluable.
With a but.
You need a good and strong developed sense of rhythm to use one so maybe not a raw beginner fx choice.


Dave puts out some good advice videos and some great tutorials for songs Justin maybe doesn’t cover. Always find his explanations very clear and precise. Good share Maggie. :sunglasses:

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@Richard_close2u thanks for not giving me a slap and sending me to the naughty corner :smiling_face:

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Oh, you’d love that, wouldn’t you?
Bad Maggie! :wink:


What a great share Maggie. Very informative. Thank you for that. :slight_smile:


Thanks Maggie, very useful. The pedal world is a bit of a minefield so stripping it back like that is terrific!

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Agreed, this was informative - thanks for sharing @batwoman

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Good stuff, thanks for sharing, Maggie. Is that a bubble I feel … a GAS bubble

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Nah not for me David :smiling_face: I’ll leave that sort of gear for your slip slide bend and tremolo adventures.


Maggie, I think you can achieve quite a bit with your BK50, particularly if you had a footswitch to control on the fly and ran backing tracks into the aux. That said, I’m also aware that your focus is on other things, that joining the intrepid ranks of The Noodlers is not a pull for you … for now.

Indeed. It makes me think a pedal board with just those three pedals could expand the creative potential if sitting in front of my looper. There I go, talking up a few more bars of GAS pressure :laughing:

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Three pedals? That’s like only eating three potato chips. I would use two of the pedals on analog and digital delay alone. Get some pedals, they are fun.