The 7 Amazing Benefits of Ear Training

In this lesson, we look at the benefits of ear training and why you might want to spend some of your valuable time developing your ability to listen better!

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Hiya! I’m currently in the third module of the First Grade, is there a certain level I have to be at to be able to ear train with my guitar? I don’t know what notes are on my fretboard, nor how to find them yet, and also wondering when I’ll learn that, or do I have to also take the music theory course? I just don’t know when to take certain courses, thank you!

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The earlier the better. Understanding intervals (which relates to ear training) is essential to being a great musician. I would say complete grade one first, then move on to this section. Also, just Google the guitar fretboard and spend 5 mins each day getting familiar with the notes on the guitar fretboard.

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I’m here because of Justin’s suggestion at the end of grade 1. I’m excited to train my ears and maybe train my voice as well.

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Both ear trarining and theory are introduced during the Beginners Course. You are at an early stage of your development so don’t fret just yet. The end of Grade 1 (Module 7) is a good time to start thinking about it.