The app is terribly unresponsive to touch on iPad

Anybody else have the issue of very slow responsiveness to touch when using iPad? It takes like 10 seconds to go in and out of songs or to add/remove favorites, etc. The screen doesn’t show any visual so I feel like, did it register or not? I have am iPad Pro 2nd generation, latest iOS, and app updates. This has been since day 1 of this new app.

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I can’t speak to the iPad but my iPhone works fairly well. There are times when the touch seems unresponsive, and I need to tap more than once but once the tap registers everything works well.

I have a fairly new iPad and it is my primary device for using the music app. I have not had any issues.

I do have this issue, the cross or heart (adding to favourites) is so small I often wonder if I’ve pressed it only to press it again and get a double effect

I use a Galaxy Tab A7, which I use for one year now without any problems, and noticed also significant time lags. It takes at least 15 seconds to open the app, much longer, than any other. When it’s open, it’s reacting really, really slow. When I touch the favourites icon, nothing happens, I touch it again, I get a double command. I also realized, that sometimes the app doesn’t open at all when I place the tab on my music stand (metal), so I put it aside on a chair and, surprise, surprise, the app opens. So I tried this out for several times with the same effect. So maybe, the metal stand (magnetism?) affects the performance of the tab as well? Is that possible? But apart from that, in my case, the app is a little slow anyway.

Interesting. Yes, it’s possible that a metal stand could affect the Wifi signal. Metal is probably the number one material for wifi interference. It probably also depends on the kind of metal, the thickness of the metal, coatings on the metal, and possibly the orientation of the tablet’s (internal) antenna in relation to the metal.

Thanks Jason, the music stand is a very common one from painted sheet. I do agree with your assessment that this probably may have an influence to the proper function of the tab. I also shortended the distance between the tab and my router, didn’t work much faster. So I determine, that in my case the metal music stand seems to have a certain influence, but the reaction of the app processing is quite slow, even when I’m close to the router, far away from the metal parts. Playing any videos, also Justins videos in the app, is no problem for my tab at all and the only thing is that all the other functions in the app are working a bit slow. But when they appear they work reliable. Anyway, just wanted to say that I had the same experiences as @ItsGameOvrMan and @ChasetheDream

I have the same problem with an older iPad (Gen 2 I believe). My newer version is much faster, but still does not have an immediate response time. The app is pretty robust and I assume it takes a great deal of processing power. If I had one wish, it would be for the app to be available as a desktop version so I could run it on my laptop. I realize I can do this with some plugins, but I really don’t want to go through the hassle.

tl;dr It is probably your hardware, not wifi.

downloaded app on my wife’s iPad which is a year or two newer newer than mine and it seems to work much better. It must be unoptimized for my iPad - iPad Pro 2nd gen ~2017.

Hello I have an Ipad air from Oct 2019, IOS 15.3.1
The App doesnt always respond when touching the play button in the center of the screen, to start a song or to stop it.
I report it to Musopia. They first blame it on the ipad touch screen zone in the center- I have tested the display with a screen test app: 100% OK over 200 touches. Then reinstall the app: no improvement.

Since 4 weeks I didn’t hear anything back from them.
Support is not very good I think.

Except this is app is OK, It just took them 6 weeks to correct a chord error on Heroes : CCD instead of CGD. Now it’s ok

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Wifi issue is unlikely, but download a Speed test app. if you get 5 mbit/s it good ennough for video.

I have the same performance issues on my iPad Pro 10.5 inch. The song loads up ok but when I click the X to close the song it takes 7 seconds before it responds. This is pretty consistent. I’ve gone into several songs and counted 7 seconds to close each one.

If I go from Songs to Learn it’s fairly quick but to go from Learn to Songs it just sits there for about 10 seconds until it changes, making me wonder if I actually touched the right place or not. Again this is pretty consistent.

So the delay seems to be going back to the song list. I have quite a few favorites so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

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On my 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9, I have similar issues when going back and forth to Songs mode. Otherwise, it’s pretty responsive to touch inputs.

If the app developers just added a “Wait a moment…” progress dialog, I think that would solve the problem for most of us using older devices.