The app isn't recognizing certain chords

No issue that I’m having though is the app isn’t recognizing some chords. My guitar is in tune, and I’m playing them right. Even to double-check, I used another app that recognizes chords, and it recognized it fine. Now all the chords but definitely the G chord. For example, in chord switching, I could do A to D no problem. G nothing works.


I had some issues with the app recognising me too. I tried on my iPad and phone just to make sure it wasn’t the device. I’ve since switched to using the website for lessons and practice routines. I actually prefer the website now because I can add notes, save metronome speeds and see a graph of all my one minute changes, none of which you can do on the app. The only down side is you have to count the one minute changes yourself, but that’s quite straightforward. I still use the app for song practice.

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I have had similar issues as well,i.e. chords being recognized with noticable delay during the chord changes exercises or even open strings being recognized with similar delay during chord perfect exercises. When experiencing these issues, my guitar has been in tune

I have always attributed these issues to the fact that my Samsung tablet is old and to the significant chance that I am not playing certain chords well enough while trying to change back and forth from them as fast as possible.

Interesting however that I am not alone with these issues

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I am having the same issues. My ipad is very slow to recognize certain chords, predominantly the G and D chords but is slow on the chord perfect exercises as well. I check the tuning at the start of each practice so that is not the issue.
Any help greatly appreciated.