The Arpeggiator [be afraid!]

WARNING! This exercise might hurt your brain... but it's totally worth it :)

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I have a question: I didn’t get why sometimes there is the G note in A7 (6th string) and sometimes not. Thanks :slight_smile:

ps. i don’t know why, but I cannot leave comments in the “Discussion” section under each video

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I agree and have the same question, thinking there could be a slight mistake in the chart in bar 15 (GP-chart as well), as A7 should go down to the G note. Thanks for everything Justin, only a teacher like you could convince me to try the Arpeggiator and (maybe) find an error, lol :nerd_face:

Hi Justin… I can download (and open) the arpeggiator pdf file but I cannot open the arpeggiator extended file when I try to open on my device. Is there any chance you could put a pdf version on the site? Great site BTW.

Welcome to the forum John
The GPX file is a Guitar Pro file and is the same as the PDF file. So if you don’t have Guitar Pro you can’t open it.

I guess I’m leaving then. This is just another rip off Web site that pretends to help by only giving enough to wet ones appetite… Then the cash cow is revealed… Goodbye

Your loss. Justin’s site is 99% free and so was the PDF file you down loaded which is exactly the same as the Guitar Pro file, which he provides for free so people who have Guitar Pro can load it up.

Justin has no affiliation with Guitar Pro.

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Hi John,
Oooo, you can’t be more wrong than you are right now. Do yourself a big favor and look around the website a little longer, remember this post and thank me later. This site is not a money grabber,

@Johnlee , you may be jumping the shark a bit here.

If you are a registered (free) user of the Justin Guitar website, there is a pdf you can download as well as the guitarpro file (which naturally requires guitarpro).

All for free.

Just in case, here is a tab link:

(You may still need to be registered and logged in to use it, not sure)

Overall, Justin is the absolute LEAST money grabbing, spamming or otherwise disingenuous site about learning guitar you will ever find. Quality, kind, more than fair, giving, supportive and comprehensive are adjectives that come to mind.

We would love to have you stay and learn with us, and you will regret abandoning such an excellent program just because a download requires an app (which it does not try to hide). Give it another thought.

I encountered now the same issue, as @Urs and @Armi already wrote. If you go to the G in bar 15 the exercise continue like in bar 18 and you skip the two bars 16/17.

I didn’t looked up the sheet but after trying it just systematically I got the routine (with the G in bar 15) and thought it might be a good idea to play along the gp file - clash!

Okay, I can just use a metronom BUT @JGAdmin is there any better value to exercise the “wrong” version instead of the straight-with-G-version?

Hello and goodbye John. @Johnlee
As @stitch explained, the content of the pdf and the gpx files is identical.
Two formats of the same thing giving people the option to access it - for FREE - in one of two ways, depending on the computer and software they have.