The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (Cover)

Hi there,

I’ve only just realised there’s a new community! I thought I’d repost my cover of Norwegian Wood here in case there’s already been a mass exodus.

The Justin Guitar Community has been massively important for my progress and it’s my main source of encouragement. I love the look of this new setup, it must have taken a lot of work and I appreciate the endeavours of those who sorted it.





Why not drop in here and tell folks about yourself.

New Here ? Introduce Yourself

Good to see you join us, so many areas to engage in !



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That’s fantastic, sounds to me like it’s the perfect time to return the favor by hopping in some threads and doing the same for other members who are on the same journey as you are. After all being part of a Community involves engaging with others - showing some support for each other is the least any of us can do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Iain, well played. Reflects the original truly. This is a song I have a go at now and again but my crooked little finger makes playing it challenging.

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I commented on this track over in the old forums, but wanted to give you a shout-out, here, as well: nicely played and sung. :+1:

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