The Best Pick for Strumming

Learn how to choose the best pick and sound great while strumming your guitar. The full lesson is here!

I thought I had waved goodbye to the 0.46 pick as I am currently using JD USA Nylon 0.6 or JD max grip 0.6 but I think I will drop back to the 0.46 to go through the course. Interestingly although the two picks are the same thickness however the USA Nylon is slightly more flexible.
Slight dilemma, I have been working on six songs at the guitar club that we are going to perform at a free concert this week, which pick to use, 0.46 or 0.6 that I have used so far? Will have to give both a go and see which feels the best.
I have tried in the past a Tortex 0.6 but found as it is smooth it kept moving around quite often and although I could sort of manipulate it back, it was happening too often and became a distraction.


If you have been using .6 and are comfortable with that, stick with it for the concert. If you want to go back to a .46 for the course, go for it. But assuming the gig is happening soon, stay with what you know. That would be my approach but 0.6 is pretty much my go to on acoustic anyway!


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Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Toby, thanks for the advice, the gig is on Wednesday, so it is a bit late to make that sort of fundamental change. I have actually tried some of the songs with the thinner pick and it didn’t sound quite as good.

Pegs, playing cards and bicycle spokes ?


I use fender 46mm with MOJO GRIP. Lately the pick is falling from my fingers. Can’t do anything about that. Somebody here recommended me MOJO GRIP, and it is great.

Crazy, I am sitting here with that exact pick in my mouth. It’s even orange. Also, looking forward to the course and glad this new content is out. Looking forward to the follow ups as well. As you’ll probably of guessed, I’m not new to JG, so I know the content will be good even before I consume.

Yeah don’t be changing picks right before a gig!

But finding the right one will take some time and is very individual. I spent years working out what ones I liked… used to buy new ones each time I bought strings, just to try them out! :slight_smile:


Justin, which Jazz III pick do you use for electric guitar? There are so many! So glad you mentioned your own use of the .60 Tortex on acoustic - I had been using the .50, but the tone is so much better with .60. Gonna keep working on it. Loving the course so far!

Just the regular red one! But lately I been converted to Blue Chip picks, but they VERY expensive… and for those I use the giant jazz III shape.

Thank you! Yes, I’ve seen those Blue Chip picks…spendy indeed!

$35 a pick? :exploding_head:

Yeah - but strangely - I’ve never lost one!! :wink:

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I have been learning to play now for several years and have never felt comfortable using a pick for strumming, preferring to use my index finger to strum. This is mostly psychological because I don’t like to make too much noise! Not sure if this is a common problem that others might feel. I’ve just started the new Strumming SOS course so I can go back to the basics and start over, but finding it really difficult it’s like learning to play from scratch again but I am forcing myself to use a Dunlop 0.38 pick and will persevere.

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Hello Mike, exactly the same situation here (except the several years of experience :blush:). I’ve just started the strumming course using a
pick (also Dunlop 0,38), and was wondering what you’ve experienced in the meantime. Does playing with a pick feel more comfortable/natural to you, now? Did your ears adapt to the increased volume?

Hi Nicole, I’m still struggling with the pick although I do use it more than previously, mainly where I’m learning songs which alternate strumming with single note picking (such as Wish You Were Here). I have tried the 0.38 as Justin has suggested and also some heavier picks as well, as the tone does change depending on which pick you use. Oddly I found heavier picks aren’t as loud just less “trebly”. It just still feels to me more natural without a pick, I’m having to work through being self conscious about making too much noise. That may not be such an issue if I do improve. At the moment I don’t have a room I can lock myself away in at home so the noise I’m making :smile: especially with the pick is loud throughout the house. I’m enjoying the course very much though and have now moved to the Strumming Dynamics course, if like me you are struggling with using the pick I would suggest you persevere if you don’t have the same hang ups that I have. Keep going and enjoy playing guitar :grinning: :+1:

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Hello Mike, thanks for your prompt reply :hugs:.
Yes, I’ll definitely stick with it. Although, I could imagine that playing with my fingers will always remain my favourite technique - at least one acoustic. But it’s useful, for sure, to be able to use both :slightly_smiling_face:.