The best way to connect pedals

How is the best way to connect pedals to this fender amp

In addition to convenient features like All Front Panel
Mounted Controls, the DELUXE 112 PLUS features a
detachable footswitch for selecting the DRIVE Channel and
REVERB. Standard 1/4- inch phone jacks are used for ease
of connection or extension of the footswitch to remote pedal
boards. The PREAMP OUT & POWER AMP IN jacks can be
used as an effects loop or as Send and Return points while
slaving multiple amps together or for direct connection to
recording and sound reinforcement mixers. The possibilities
are endless (eg: by inserting a Chorus pedal between the
PREAMP OUT of one amp and the POWER AMP IN of
another, a true stereo image effect can be achieved)

Depends on the pedal (some are better inline, some are better in an fx loop). But you can rig an FX loop if you need too, or just inline them before the input jack

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So if I have my guitar in input 1 and you say I can put a looper pedal pre amp out . What’s the difference between the in and out. I am use to plug guitar into pedals then int amp.

You’d use the preout/fx loop for the looper so you record all the post processed/preamp stuff onto the looper and can play that back to the amp without further applying processing or pedals etc.

you also probably want modulation or delay pedals on the fx loop side

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Your amp consists of 3 major sections

  • The pre-amp does most of the tone shaping, the character of your amp
  • The power amp does most of the amplification: from silent to powerful to drive that big speaker
  • The speaker…well you can guess that

A lot will depend on where you will be “shaping” the most;
will you add gain (and overdrive) by turning op the gain of your amplifier or will you be adding a distortion or overdrive pedal?

If you use the amps pre-amp and its controls to do most of that, you better put time based effects like delay and reverb pedals in the “effect loop” by connecting the pre-amp out to power amp in.

You best put a looper before timebased effects unless you have some kind of drum or backing track on that looper that should not have the reverb or delay. Since your amp already has reverb, putting your looper in effects loop seems like an idea.

I usually put everything in front of my amp; overdrive, distortion but also reverb and then use the amp as a “clean pedal platform”, just to amplify my sound.


You need at least 3 cables. The guitar straight into the input. The input jack on the looper pedal is connected to preamp out and the output on the pedal is connected power amp in. Other similar pedals can be daisy chained with shorter leads. On this amp you’ve got enough trying to work out which channel to use!

Thanks for the feedback. I was a little confused with this . I just bought a simple looper pedal so I can play over it but was not sure how to connect. I also hav chorus pedal and a mega crunch pedal. I am going to try to put it all together when the room I have is done being painted.

Based on your pedal list, I suggest starting with this:

Guitar - MegaCrunch pedal - Amp input

Preamp Out - Chorus pedal - Looper - Poweramp In.



Agree with this, but could also do:

Guitar - MegaCrunch pedal - Chorus pedal - Looper - Amp In.