The Breeders - Cannonball

So, I often see that beginner tutorials are referring to Nirvana and Metallica, and those massive known classic songs, but I’m really drawn to Cannonball from The Breeders. When it comes up on the radio, the volume goes way up!

It doesn’t seem to be the most difficult song to learn, very repetitive, but it has a strong vibe that makes me want to play loud and sing (yell) with it. :smiley:
Ok, aren’t all rock songs from our teenage days like that?

It’s one of my first goal songs on my list to learn to play, although my power chords are really not good at this moment. I can’t seem to stretch my index and ring finger far enough to play consistently ( I know, practice, practice… :slight_smile: )

Just wanted to share this “personal” info with you bunch…


Nothing better than setting a goal to keep your motivated :+1:

You could cheat a bit if you tune the low E down to D?

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Nice project to get stuck into Wouter. Enjoy learning it and maybe we will hear you play it one day soon.

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That song is pure genius. It has so many quirks in one song and yet we all find them natural to go there. This is a song, together with “drinking in LA” that makes me utterly nostalgic to a certain point in my life where the freedom/worries ratio was at it’s absolute best. If I were a music teacher, this could be one of the songs to decompose and analyse for creative use of techniques, composition and dynamics.

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What a great tune that is and it does the same for me with the nostalgia. I bought the album that that was on a few months ago and what a great album it is.

Sorry to hi-jack.


Cannonball has always been one of my all time favourite songs ever made. It would be a real challenge to cover this solo, and thereby including the feel and dynamics of 2 guitar riffs and one 1 iconic bass riff in one!

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Yeah, covering this solo will be challenging, but maybe when I can play all bits separately, it might turn into an opportunity to start recording and editing myself into 1 song. (good excuse to buy a bass, no? :D)
Or find nearby members to jam together, or ask members to play a part each and then edit us together into 1 complete song?
But that’s already think waay too far in advance. :smiley: