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Fantastic performance

Fab, that this is my weekend sorted, cheers Ian

A masterpiece this song which as you say is by a true guitar artiste. Your version is great, sounds like a ripper to let the bass drone along with a bit of delay through a nice amp just playing those first 2 bars could fill 15 minutes in a live gig. I’d really like your opinion on something I mentioned on Insta to you not long ago about a site I found called Chordu that gives chords for songs. Your opinion I’d like to get is is this site any good to help people with music or is it just an Ad delivery machine? The chords for this song on Chordu are pretty simple that I think might be for the electric play along and I’d love to hear your opinion about it. Thanks in advance to Justin and the team. Keep on pluckin’

I love this song. I’ve been learning it on and off for about 18 months now. I need to work on some of my chord shapes to master it.

Great Lesson. Enjoying this a lot. Around the 34 minute mark, where we are adding the high E drone over the bass part, I find it easier to play top string open rather than second string at 3. No left hand gymnastics. But, as you say, we play and make it our own by experimenting.

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Brilliant. Just brilliant.
And the James Taylor conundrum. Yup, I’m with you there Justin. JT does lots of those squeezed-in tight-fingered A-shape variations that leave me in knots, even though the chords seem relatively straightforward

Loving this lesson Justin. All my learning is through your lessons and by taking it slowly, embedding each section in my brain and muscle memory, I am really enjoying this and making good progress. My partner is cooking and shouts up “ Is that The Chain?”!!

The lesson for the Verse shows the 3rd string start on 2nd fret, then open G. In the video, on the 2nd count the fingers pluck 2 and 3, not 0 and 3. is that correct?

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You can do both and it sounds great.
Try this:
In the first beat , keep the 1st finger on the 2nd fret.
Then pick the open string against the pull off on string 5 ( pull off 1st finger before picking strings 3 and 5 together)
Then put the 1st finger back on 2nd fret third string for the next pick

That is easier, but then you don’t get the sound of picking the fretted E drone together with the open string for the next repeat of the riff, which sounds very cool.

If you want a real laugh try this:
When the drone gets up to the higher E on the 14th fret , bring your whole left hand over the fret board, and try to do the riff with your thumb and any other fingers that seem appropriate - It’s exactly like a cello player in thumb position would do.
Super fun for a party high-wire act I reckon :sweat_smile:

My new “dreamer” song, great lesson, so many details.