The consequences of searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

A house gig sounds interesting, also not sure if it’s a literal house gig or not, but anyway kudos Brian! Hope you enjoy the night, let us know how it went! Listened to first song, I actually enjoyed it especially this lead play, bit like Maggot Brain vibe coming out of it :wink:


@jkahn I believe he still would like to hit the big-time but knows he probably won’t :laughing:
One advantage he has as a songwriter is many popstars hit their peak in their teens/early twenties whereas he has a lifetime of experience to write about :wink:

A house gig does what it says on the tin: Gig in a house! :smiley:
We’ve hosted about four or five and attended a similar number by friends. It takes a bit of organising and furniture shuffling, but they are great fun.
Here’s a flavour:

Jimmy Rae & the Moonshine Girls (I shared another clip recently)

Jim Pearson and my favourite fiddling friend Nick Silver

And the ‘famous’ Henry Priestman (unfortunately on a poor-quality camera) with a personalized medley :smiley:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Oh dear, I hope I haven’t hyped too much :open_mouth:
(The only person I know who likes this kind of music is Jim Pearson (above) who I bumped into at the Johnny Dowd gig)

@Majik Oooh, I forgot it was that far away. If you’re back and think you’d enjoy, give me a shout. I’m sure I can find someone to put you up. (I’ve already divvied up our bedrooms!).
One nice thing about bell-ringing is that it caters for all abilities (including rusties :laughing:)

You mean you don’t love all my recommendations? :rofl:

Love that tune.
Try the second one. Lengthy drone intro, then tasty lead and warped lyrics :rofl:

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Open mind, open ears.

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Thanks Brian, but my daughter is only a short taxi ride away in New Brighton.



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Finally got around to watching the doc this evening. Great and sometimes unique musical backdrop and glimpse of what you may call unseen America. Some interesting stuff going on from an observational perspective and best not to comment in depth given our Community ethos and regs. Very much an eye opener which sits well with the open mind and ears.
Hope the home gig goes well my friend. I am sure you will keep us informed.

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Wow, that’s surreal. And you’ve done it a few times before!

I hope you record this one and share it.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Haha, it is somewhat off the beaten track, eh? :rofl:
I had a message from Jim White yesterday:
Johnny AND his band? You’re a brave soul…
Yikes! :grimacing:

@jkahn No matter where you live there’ll always be some singer-songwriter/band trying to get started and happy to play for free or a small fee. They’re very feasible :grinning:
Darn tootin’ I’ll have to have some recording, even just to prove to myself it’s happened :laughing:


Du bist echt eine coole Socke! Great idea and happy you get it realised! Brian’s Salon Concerts… how cool is that? Wish you a very enjoyable evening (and no experiments with obscure costumes :joy:!)

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Another classic Brian house gig! Never stop reminding us here of what can be done if you really want it. And as always, it’s a journey not the destination (or whatever they say)

Well now that you mentioned it… :smiley: