The consequences of searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Shortly after emigrating from Ireland to England in 2000, I went through my phase :cowboy_hat_face:
I was intrigued by the album Wrong-Eyed Jesus (The Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted) by Jim White, who had worked as a professional model, surfer, preacher, and NY taxi driver before ending up a musician. The BBC made a fab documentary Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (or here outside the UK) a couple of years later, where Jim takes a road trip through the gothic south, meeting all the weird and wonderful characters and musicians, of which the gritty Johnny Dowd is one. Johnny (75) used to run a removals business and took up guitar in his 40s. His songs often deal with the seedy underbelly of American life and his music have what I would call a ‘lo-fi dissonance’.
I had the good fortune to catch him play live in a tiny venue after the pandemic when he signed my guitar. One of my favourite gigs ever :smiley:
When I saw a fb post the other week announcing a 2024 European tour with a couple of free dates if someone had a venue, I put the gears into action and began stalking him and his manager :ninja:
I believe I have persuaded them to play a house gig next March in return for lodgings and vittles along with a moderate donation :open_mouth:
I’m stoked. (I’ll be wearing the hat Jim White wore at his gig in the Deaf institute Manchester last year)
Even if the plans go pear-shaped, I’ve had a blast trying to organise it (including a couple of fb chats with Brett Sparks from The Handsome Family, who also featured in the above film)
Who says turning 60 is boring? :laughing:
I’m now off to try to learn one of his songs for the next OM…
Who knows, I might even play it for the man himself?

For those with ears for ‘different’ music, here are a couple of my favourite slow-burners :smiley:


Hi Brian,
Good to read and how nice for you, I wish you a long and wonderful time of fun anticipation…
You sound like a kid in a candy store :smiley:


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You old rascal !! I hope you pull it off. Documentary sounds interesting so I’ll bookmark it for future viewing.

Keep us posted Brain.


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Savage Brian. 60 is the new 40. He could do worse than meet a gent such as yourself.

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Brian. That will be very exciting if it comes to fruition.

Maybe you should go somewhere and busk together? :smiley:

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I often find anticipation is just as pleasurable than the event itself :smiley:

I sound like a kid most of the time :roll_eyes:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner I just love it when you can play a part in something different happening :smiley:
The authenticity of the doc is what I found compelling.
It’s not one for a fine Beaujolais or Lagavulin, more a 1 Euro red or moonshine.
Think Deliverance, the Musical :rofl:

@Blobbyblob Ta, Dom :smiley:
My daughter informed me with a straight face:
“You’ll have to be careful to not be too annoying!” :roll_eyes:

Cheers Stefan,
Confirmation from the manager last night-
Thunderbirds are GO! :open_mouth:


Absolutely me too, and where that is not the case it certainly takes a lot longer so the sum of the fun from the anticipation day`s is often way higher then the event :smiley:

As a super serious person I don’t know what that means :thinking:



Think Deliverance, the Musical :rofl:

That’ll do me. I’ll start heating up the shoe polish.:rofl:

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Very exciting. I’m really pleased for you Brian. :partying_face:

What will you be cooking them for tea?

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What have you done with Rogier? :rofl:


Hominy grits 'n possum, I suppose… :thinking:

I cast the first stone… :rofl:


We have a budding impresario in our midst.



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Surely it’s got to be Scouse with soda bread followed by Wet Nelly.


… after decades of coming across that word, I finally googled it :rofl: Thank you
If you were back in blighty, you could have attended the gig and joined me for band practice (bellringing) the next day :wink:

Well, I’ll be providing the soda bread (without my song).
1 out of 3 is… :thinking:?


Is it required to sign up the for the video to load ?

Nope. At least I didn’t (YMMV)

Might not like my VPN. I’ll try it again tomorrow. :+1:

Everything about this story is so cool Brian. Does a house gig literally mean… a gig at your house? Or is that some slang for a gig at the local pub or hall or something?

The music is unique. Poetry and electric guitar. Makes me think a bit of Sonic Youth mashed with Tom Waits. Definitely not radio friendly, but I can fully imagine chilling with a beer listening to a gig.

What is even cooler is how he started at 40! And is 75 now! And has fans (you for one). How does one even do that with all the young bands coming up all the time.


Did a quick rattle test sans VPN and the video kicked in. So Friday evening viewing sorted.
Can’t remember the last time I watched an Arena prog, pre 2011 and Vivre Le France. How the world moves on.

I’ll bide my time but your synopsis suggests the doc could be in the Bill Hicks Flying Saucer Tour arena. And you can still get a litre of good Red for a Euro and not see a cork sniffer in sight. :sunglasses:

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At this point, I’m not sure which country I’ll be in then. I will keep an eye out just in case.

I would need to get some practice in ringing, as I’ve not been able to do much for the last couple of years due to the cathedral here being shut for major renovations.