The coolest thing ever

Hi friends,

I wanted to share the coolest thing in my mind. My son has a new hobby of writing music CDs, complete with artwork and all. The copies he sent look just like what you would find in the store. He is making me my own album from songs I have uploaded here and u tube . It is kind of a demo to showcase my progress in music. Isn’t that awesome? I didn’t realize how many songs I have done here until I tried to make some choices. I can’t wait to hear the copy-audio only for now but music DVD may be next. This is my list going on the album:

  1. With me-sum 41
  2. Fallen Angel-Poison
  3. Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day
  5. Good Riddance-Time of Your Life-Green Day
  6. Shadow of the Day-Hollywood
  7. Rock and Roll and night-Kiss
  8. Heart of The Matter (electric)-Don Henley
  9. Straight A’s-School of Rock
  10. People Are Strange-The Doors
  11. Never Say Goodbye-Bon Jovi
  12. Goodbye-Def Leppard Hollywood
  13. Rock N Roll all night-Catalina Island
  14. Everytime I look at You-Kiss Hollywood

I am curious for those of you in JG, what songs have you performed that you would put on an album? Some of the veterans here would need a box set (like the madman Toby or Byron) lol.

Take Care



Great question. A friend has offered to record a cd of my songs. I’d have to put his favourite song of mine on for sure. He always asks me to play it


That sounds like a cool idea indeed! My partner and I did a CD up in the fall of 2020, mostly just guitar and vocals. The coolest thing about it was the CD cover (lol), which we printed out on CD labels to attach to CDs we gave to friends and family. We just did simple stuff because my hand was bugging me a lot, but it was a fun project. About half of the stuff I had already posted on the Forum, and then I added the link to the entire SoundCloud CD. I hope you have fun with your project!


That is very cool, Jeff.

Yes, I suspect trying to choose what songs to go on there is a difficult choice. Good selection on yours though.

Sounds like a fun project Jeff. Good luck with it.

That is super cool Jeff! And really awesome of your son too!
Great choice of songs! :smiley:

Sounds cool, Jeff, would love to see some of the art work.

I have (briefly) contemplated an EP of my originals. Maybe one day when I have enough originals that would make a coherent EP, either 4 songs or maybe 8. Those numbers with vinyl still in mind so either 2 or 4 songs per side. Of course with digital you can have as many songs as you fancy.

Hello Jeff,
that’s an awesome idea of your son :star_struck:.
Will be a great project, for sure.

I’m totally in favor of any method that gets our music out there. That said, my days as a musical archivist are over. Having lived with shelves of albums, tapes and CDs in the past, I’m happier with Youtube for my music. I could see moving onto Spotify for originals at some point. :slight_smile:

My CD arrived on Friday. It was really exciting for my first recordings.


The back pic with the lyrics is Pacific Beach where I frequently play my music. The front is Catalina Island from February.



Congratulations, Jeff, that really looks great :star_struck:. I’m going to remember my kids to do the same for me somedays :hugs:.

That looks great, Jeff :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome. Looks beautiful.