The Cowboy in Me Tim McGraw

Hi Edward,

Thanks for listening and glad you like the hat. My 11 year old sees the hat as the magical tool you use to improve guitar playing, so when she practices she wears it for that magical effect.

Hi James,

Thanks for stopping to listen. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and share your thoughts… I’ll try to use that technique and shake out the nerves. I think I need to just keep at it and play in public again like I used to.

Hi Lisa,

Herzlich grussen😄 thank you for listening to the song and sharing your thoughts. I think I should work on spending even more time with mastery of a song before posting. I was thinking of doing something more grand and complex, but einfach ist auch gut. This was just a small step to introduce my progress again. I greatly appreciated the support during the recent months. I’ve had a lot to think about. I’m doing better health wise than I was and thanks for asking. There were other things I needed to remove from my life other than music. It took some time to realize that.

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Hoi Marcel,

Ganz spassig :rofl:.yee ha sagt man in Texas… Ich denke. Nimmer hier wo ich lebe, Thanks for stopping to say hello.

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I remember this song. I did living on the edge by Aerosmith on here once upon a time.

Hi Clint,

Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Thanks for listening to the song. Have a great week ahead.