The Cowboy in Me Tim McGraw

Hi everyone,

I was noodling around with this song a bit and felt it sounded really good. I am still a rock and roll type person so I’m not in my comfort zone. @tRONd says I have a good voice for it so here goes. @Traveler has been doing some rock music and pop actually ver well. I loved his crash test dummies song.

Feedback welcome of course😎


Hey Jeff!!!
You’re Back in the Saddle Again!!!
(There’s a challenge for you… Back in the Saddle Again… either the Gene Autry or the Aerosmith version)
I liked your rendition of this song - which I’m not familiar with BTW - it’s well suited to your voice & I think the tempo is good for you too! Nicely played & sung!!!


I love it @SDKissFan !! Keep practicing it. That’s the thing I’m finding is that you can’t play a song too many times. Your vibe was great, you have a unique voice (I’d like to hear some Bob Dylan), and your strumming is on point!

The only slight recommendation I would add, and maybe a far better guitar player than me could elaborate more, is to loosen up your strumming shoulder to strum a little. Get like Gumby over there. I felt a bit stiff in strumming not long ago, and I found that when I loosened my shoulders, it helped.

I found that “loosening” helped my strumming attack significantly, and the concept of only strumming certain strings at certain times. Idk of that makes sense the way I described it.

Your song was awesome and keep rocking!!

Welcome back Jeff. There’s probably something in this country & folk kick for you. So many country & folk songs you can do with just an old faithful strumming pattern, whereas a lot of rock requires distortion, muting, and a specific rhythm to sound closer to the original song.

Good to see you back and posting and nicely done. I didn’t know the song but I enjoyed it.

You look to have a lot of tension in your strumming arm Jeff, relax and enjoy what you are doing, you’ll find it makes a lot of difference.

Hi Jeff,
@tRONd for president :sunglasses:

This is your best singing performance, it reminds me of an open mic a while ago where you performed just before the storm on the beach… I had bad sound here at the time, but I thought I heard that it was different(in a good way) than usual and that with a live song ???.. but I I always find it difficult to say something good to only someone at an open mic, and everyone is too intense for me…

But this was already a very good jump in your singing performance :clap: :sunglasses:… as far as guitar is concerned, I think you played with too little relaxation and therefore sometimes pushed your strings out of tune (the most common cause… for me) …
Just practice a little longer without singing so that your strumming arm can swing a little more relaxed… but I’m happy to hear such an improvement already. :sunglasses:

Well… there you go Jeff! That fitted youre voice nicely.
Well done! Nicely played as well. I think maybe you have found youre style there Jeff… Dylan would probably suit you nicely to as someone mentioned.
Keep on playing Jeff, maybe try to loosen up even more as someone suggested… And i totally aggree with Travis… «you can not play a song too many times»
Keep on playing those cowboy songs, and play them everyday… each time they will sound better than the last. After some time you can put in some licks or hammer ons or whatever…

Glad too see you are back Jeff!! Keep at it :grin::+1::ok_hand:

Great job Jeff! Loads of fun. Great strumming, smooth chord changes and outstanding vocals. Thanks for sharing!

P.S Love the hat!

Good to see you getting back on the saddle, Jeff. I know you love your rock n roll but I think this style of music really suits you. I agree with the others you look to be playing with a bit of tension. That happens to me when I hit that record button. It may sound silly but as soon as feel that bit of tension I give my body a bit of a shake and it seems to relax me. Glad to see you back buddy, well done and thanks for sharing.

Great to see and hear you back again, Jeff!

I’d echo many of the others: this kind of music just suits you and your voice so well. That was an enjoyable performance. :clap:

I’d also suggest to try an loosen up a little, let it go and relax into it. :slight_smile: This cowboy country stuff often has a laid back vibe going on and with a little less tension, your performance would reach an even higher level. So keep this one on the plate an play it from time to time. You’ll soon see and feel even better playing it. :smiley:

But already see lots of improvement and am really glad for you being back at it. Never heard the tune before, but instantly liked it thanks to you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Tod,

Thanks for listening to the song and I’m glad it was enjoyable. I think I’m not quite old enough for Gene Autry.

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Hi Travis,

I’m really happy you like the song. I have thought about doing that one for a while now. There’s sure lots to improve and add dynamics. I just wanted to reintroduce my music here. Maybe I got a little more nervous than usual after being away so long. I think overall it came out okay for a beach guy singing country music.

Thanks for the top on loosening up. I was also a little stiff and uncomfortable a couple weeks ago when I played spontaneously at a party. The guitar seemed to make sense once the host decided it was time for whiskey and cigars. I was a little shaky to start but ended up pleasing the crowd snd being recorded for someone’s home video. Lol

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Thanks for listening and yes I agree the rock music genre has more challenges like muting and solos. This is just a baby step for me to get back out there and get started again. The original version of this has plenty of arpeggios and solos, but this was just my take on it. Have a great day.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for taking a moment to listen. I have a long way to go in guitar playing and this was just a start with a simple 3 chord song. I made it a point to not be sitting though like you used to tell me.

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Hi Roger,

Thanks for the feedback about relaxing. I think I just need to get back to getting out in public again and relax. I was trying to hard to be perfect and you could see it in my tension there. This weekend I am heading back to my home away from home in Catalina island, about 22 miles west of Los Angeles. The guy who rents to me out there always looks forward to hearing me play. So I do a little something in the courtyard and near the beach. We go there for our birthdays and anniversary every year. Hollywood crowds see guitar players as nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes people gather to listen.

Great to hear from you.

Hey Jeff!

Yehaa :cowboy_hat_face: cool cowboy vibes.

Welcome back btw, to keeping on keeping on :v:

Lieber Gruss!

Hi Trond,

I thought about what you said. One’s voice is one’s voice and I have to accept what I can do I still want to do rock music but can’t expect to sound like Axl Rose or equivalent. Even Axl doesn’t sound like he did in the 1990s when he was here last month. I can’t be certain what I’ll do next here, but wanted to present myself with something worth hearing. It feels like I succeeded there. I also agree with your advice that I need to pick just 3-5 songs and master them intensely. Get every fundamental as perfect as I can.

Todays quest is to practice Green Day with my daughter. I already have her singing while playing. I stressed just play the chord changes for now while singing as step one. Then we will introduce steady downstrums. I’m not much of s teacher, but giving it a go.


C’mon Jeff,
Gene Autry is timeless….
or, like I said…

Have fun & Rock On, man!!!


Nice! You gave up on quitting. When the quitting gets tough, get going again (and vice-versa). Welcome back.

I’m “teaching” my grandson by coaching him through Justin’s lessons… he has 4 chords down & is learning his first 2 songs now. Just follow along with Grade 1 initially & you won’t go wrong!!!
Good luck!!!