The Cure - Just Like Heaven project

Worked out the guitar for The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Collaborated with my friend Craig on the bass.

Let me know what you think!


Nicely done, I really enjoyed that!
Liked the split screen showing both parts too.
Takes me back and makes me want to look at playing Cure songs myself.

This was fun and the first time I used Reaper as both a DAW and a video editor, love having to use only one tool. Video was captured on 2 iphone sessions and then placed side-by-side. Bit of a learning curve!

I love The Cure, found the guitar to be a bit of a challenge but not too bad! Thanks

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Hmmm, think maybe it’s time for me to up my DAW game and check out Reaper. (Been using Audacity so far) Reaper was recommended on another thread I was reading.

Reaper is great value for the money as it doesn’t cost a lot and is packed full of capabilities.

Felt like singing along so that must mean the rhythm, flow and overall quality was nice :smiley:

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I wish i could sing with this one, not my range lol! Thanks for the feedback

That was great! Love The Cure, always been a fan, and your cover is top notch! :smiley: :+1:
Looks like it was fun to play, must check it out. Is the rhythm pretty much the same all the way through except for the bridge? Just thinking if it would be a good for practicing with my looper pedal :wink:

I believe it is pretty consistent all the way through. I use Guitar Pro tabs and am able to isolate instruments as backing tracks etc. Can also export as many of as few tracks to a WAV file to then play with.

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Awesome tips! Thanks! :smiley: :+1:

Hello Zoltan, this was really great. In my teenage days, I loved listening to the Cure. It was nice, listening to their sound again with your AVOYP.
I also love your 2-in-1-video-production :smiley:. Great Job :clap::+1::star_struck:.

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Thanks Nicole!

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Welcome to the JG Community, Zoltan.

Thoroughly enjoyed your project, a fine entry into the Community.

I suggest you follow up with a personal introduction in #community-hub:introduce-yourself which can include some personal background, guitar history, and goals/aspirations as a member of JG Community.

Hello and welcome to our community Zoltan. :slight_smile:

Also, congratulations on your first AVOYP posting. That was very cool. Loved the split screen too.

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Hello and welcome Zoltan, that’s a great choice of song you have the groove spot on. I liked the split screen too :+1:t3: :smiley: :clap:t2:

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Thanks a lot!