The Cure The Lovecats - My Open Mic for this month!

Here’s my latest addition to the repertoire. First time trying to record to a backing track. Been pretty challenging to get the audio mix to sound the way I want it and tricky for me with all the moving parts of this song. Tons and tons of fun to play though. Robert Smith has been quoted saying he “hates” this song and that it was basically a throwaway tune written and recorded as a lark - but it’s stayed a constant part of their setlist for 40 (!) years for a reason!

Still room to grow but time to put this one into the repertoire folder and work on a new challenge for April!


Well done! I like your groove and rhythmic variations. This surely isn’t an easy one to sing with the melody that floats in between the beats. I’d love seeing more from you.

Hi Jesse, as I saw the title of your post, I asked myself, how difficult it would be, to implement the special dynamics and how you would deal with the high voice of Robert Smith in this song in your performance. Not an easy one at all to sing. The singing part must be really tricky. I like the Cure and what you delivered is great!

Cool job on incorporating that intro and giving your own twist on the vocal melody!
Solid playing as well; well timed picking and strumming with a good feel for the vibe and taste. Splendid!

Perhaps transposing it to a lower key would have giving you a bit more room to work in but you found some creative ideas to work yourself around the highest parts. I hear in your lower sounds that you have a nice timbre there and I always encourage people to transpose to find their best range.

Well done, this song takes some practice and a LOT of stumbles on the lyrics and their flow when learning (deep respect for everybody everybody covering it because it’s hard…trust me I know :smiley:)

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Enjoying this performance.
Thanks for sharing.

Not easy at all. Good groove!

Hi Jesse, wow, simply wow :open_mouth:!
I had a quite extensive “The Cure-phase” in my teen years, and love to hear one of their songs here.
Playing this song is a challenge, singing it is a challenge, putting both together is a real challenge.
You did a great job on it. Congratulations from my side :+1:t3: :clap:t3: :bouquet: .
I particularly loved the picking part and how you moved up and down the fretboard :smiley: .
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs: .

Wow! Sounds great… Vocals are spot on re:Cure and your guitar playing is compelling!

:joy: there we have something in common :notes: :spider:


Well done Jesse :+1:

Timing and vocals are excellent.

Hi Jesse,

Cool cat of a cover. :slight_smile:
You’ve a great groove going on - certainly captures the spirit of the original.
Lovely playing and very nice dynamics in the vocal.


Cracking job Jesse. Sounded pretty damn good to me and well done on the playing along with a backing track, it sure does add a little more interest to songs.

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Thank you for your kind words on the LoveCats cover I submitted. This one was a ton of fun to put together and has been fun as well to go back to over the past 2 months. I’m trying to stick to Justin’s method of locking down a song once you’ve learned it by revisiting at least once per week with no notes and “restesting” to make sure it’s still in there. This one has also been alot of fun to try on my Jazzmaster and Jaguars - I’m slowly working my way towards an eventual electric debut on this channel ;).