The Earle of Salisbury - Cover of John Renbourn

This is John Renbourn’s arrangement of a Pavan - a courtly dance - originally written by William Byrd c. 1613. More than 400 years old: perhaps the most vintage piece on here?!
This is not my best attempt. I will do a video of my playing very soon and hopefully you’ll see and hear the improvement. Meantime I wanted to get some of my playing listened to and to contribute to the community.



Nicely played Brian, good timing throughout and well picked. Most things by John Renbourn are worth a listen. Look forward to seeing you playing this. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow, that was lovely Brian! The music from that era has a beautiful feel to it. I didn’t know what a Pavan was - I remember a song from The Strawbs called “Tears and Pavan” - I always wondered, but never bothered to look it up. Now I know!

I can’t imagine how a newer version could be better played - that sounded terrific to me, but I look forward to it anyway.

Nice! (I’ve been working on Renbourn’s arrangement of Bransle Gay off and on for a while, now. I don’t quite have it up to tempo.)

The only one older that I’m aware of is my rendition of Robin Reddocke from the late 15th century.

Nice job. Renbourn’s arrangements are wonderful to listen to, and not easy to get through. What are you working on improving on this one?


Thanks for the response.

The second section of the piece, up around the twelfth fret, I make a lot of clumsy changes and lose some of the sustain. I want to make the performance cleaner and have as more of the tune ring out better.

Thanks to Jasons comment I’m also preparing Renbourn’s Bransle Gay for performance.


Thank you Mal.

Thank you Phil.