The first gig and, in addition, a Christmas special

Hello everyone. :slight_smile: I was away for a while because I was busy preparing for my first gig. My initial plan was to perform this year at Justin’s Community Open Mic event, but the opportunity showed up in October to play a December Xmas gig in the internal event in the company where I work.

We performed five songs, and I played guitar in three of them. It was a great experience that I’d love to repeat. Although also stressful. But I hope there will be less stress each time.

Here’s a short edit focusing on my guitar playing. The camera is close to my amp, so you hear mostly me on the video. I blurred everyone to respect privacy. Maybe it will be possible for me to post the full gig with others included in the video later. :slight_smile:

I want to thank you all for the support I received since joining the community. My first step to play outside my bedroom was joining this community and posting AVOYP. Your pieces of advice, encouragement, and the inspiration I got from your personal stories, AVOYPs, and open mic events led me to this first gig. You are the best. Thank you! :smiley: :hugs:


Sounded great! Had to be a huge thrill. :guitar:

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That was great, Kamil, your rhythm and lead play sounding pretty good.

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Same great chops there Kamil, thanks for sharing.

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That was really great. Super playing. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:.

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Hi Kamil
The video certainly has some good vibes… next time you should just put the phone in someone’s hands and record a few short pieces from the front… (or put the phone higher on a tripod )

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Great stuff, Kamil :smiley:
I can see why you put blur-vision on till you get permission. That’s dangerously close to ‘upskirting:rofl:
(Oh yeah, always add a warning before springing Last Christmas on the unsuspecting public for all those playing Whamageddon :laughing:)
Happy Christmas!


Nicely played Kamil! Always makes me happy to see members of this community playing with other people live! Thank you for sharing.

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@ChasetheDream @DavidP @TheMadman_tobyjenner @glpguitar Thank you, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@Alan_1970 Thank you, and Merry Christmas too. :christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :slight_smile:

@roger_holland Thank you, also for the advice. :slight_smile: There is a recording showing the front of the stage. If it gets uploaded to YouTube and people will feel okay sharing it, then I will post it here too. :slight_smile:

@brianlarsen Thanks. The singer actually gave people heads up before we played Last Christmas. :grin:


Kamikaze @kamkor
Great and important milestone, on your journey to get your first gig completed.
Well done.

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First gig? That’s some tasty playing for a first gig; I think the stage a lot more for you to offer in the future! Far better than my first gig :smiley:

Not much I can tell you for guitar but something I tell the bandmates for our company work and my Point Fifty bandmates as well; look up, look at the people, smile, radiate fun!
I couldn’t possibly expect that from a first gig but in keep in mind a band is there to entertain (goal) while making music (the means to an end)

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That was great playing Kamil. Great rhythm, lead, solos - what’s not to like. Loved your tones as well.

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Some great rhythm and lead playing, especially for a first gig. Hope you get many more.

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@MAT1953 Thank you. Yes, I’m very happy about this milestone.

@LievenDV Thank you. Hopefully, with less stress, I will be able to focus more on the entertainment aspect. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

@jkahn Thank you. I’m glad you noticed the tone. I put extra effort into it, using different pickup settings and pedals in different songs.

@skinnyt Thank you. I have my fingers crossed for some more in 2024.


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