The Fray - How to Save a Life vocals

What in the world is going on with the vocals on this track? They are hilariously bad. I had to make sure I had the song at 100% speed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go give it a listen. It is cringe incarnate.

On the plus side I learned that there are lousier vocalists than me! Lol

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I’ve come across a few songs in which the vocalist appears to have been “processed” after the fact in order to try and get them sounding more authentic. Some of them do sound pretty awful.

@tclearinghouse @Goffik

Hi Both, thanks for getting in touch and for your feedback!

We are aware that some of the vocals sound odd for a couple of tracks on the app and this is because the backing tracks and vocals we are provided with are sometimes in different keys. Therefore, we have to pitch the vocals to fit the key of the song to ensure that it is musically correct and less confusing for listeners when learning the song. However, this does mean that the vocal can sometimes sound sped up or slowed down.

We are hoping to release a capo feature to the app in the future so that users can learn songs in different keys and also change the key of the backing tracks themselves to fit the key that suits them best and it will also mean that the vocals fit the original key a lot better.

We hope this makes sense and clears up any confusion surrounding some of the vocal performances and we apologise for any inconveniences caused whilst waiting for the capo feature in the app :slight_smile: