The Future; Leonard Cohen (cover)

James @socio said he was looking forward to a Leonard Cohen song I mentioned earlier this month.
It’s the title track from his 1992 album, The Future, and surprise surprise, it’s dark :sunglasses:
(Some might recognise it from Oliver Stone’s film Natural Born Killers)
Be careful what you ask for…
(the video drops out at a couple of times, but y’all know what I look like :laughing:)
Have a nice weekend everybody :sun_with_face:


Mr Entertainer that was another fine performance. I was looking forward to that recording and you never disappointed. I thought that was one of your best vocal performances, the delivery was great and you’re really enjoying those hammer ons. I particularly enjoyed the line “no one left to torture” with the skull next to you, I was expecting you to add “but ants” to the end of that line for Rogier to make him spit out his morning coffee :wink:


No No mister,
I’m drinking tea while I listen :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and read your comments…thank God I don’t have a sip in my mouth :joy: :rofl: :joy:…now back to listening


Hi Brian,
For me this does not come close to the best singing performance, but it is a good middle class with just a bit too sharp edges, but that should not spoil the fun of the wonderful, pleasant and cheerful, uplifting text and so for my girl’s sunny birthday weekend (not a party, just have a nice dinner with the two of us and have some niceties and such at home, but I want to keep it neat here so stop talking :roll_eyes: :laughing:)

:sunglasses: :clap: and put together so quickly it just seems like you know the lyrics by heart :sunglasses: :clap:


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Was that a … chord decoration? But no pick :rofl:

A charming performance Brian. Nice dark vibe.

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Well, you and Mal both did very well on your Leonard Cohen covers. I haven’t heard either one of these songs before. I’ll have to look them up.

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I love this song! You have the great talent to evoke the right emotions through your playing and singing which is the most important part. I enjoyed it very much Brian.


Brian you drive me mad! That was a terrific vocal performance, probably one of your best. Bold and full of passion. But that guitar!! Your finger strum and tone are just letting you down. Play that song on an acoustic with some tone and depth and it would sound so much better.

If you must use your electric then dial in some grit from those fancy amps/pedals you’ve got. :smiley:

Anyway, despite all I’ve said, I enjoyed your version of this really dark song. Well done.

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I thought the same but wasn’t sure if he still had the acoustic as haven’t seen him playing it for some time.

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:clap: :clap: :clap: I always have the urge to cheer and clap after watching your song videos! You’re a natural performer Brian
Love this cover version :smiley:
Have a great weekend too :sunglasses: :sunflower:

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Hmmm… I thought I had responded to the first few ‘usual suspects’ yesterday, but cannot find any evidence of posting :thinking:

It went something along the lines of: Cheers James @Socio , you and Rogier are both right. I paid more attention to the phrasing and dynamics of the singing on this one, but there is a harshness to the tone. Haha, it has been a while since I gave the rock ’n’ roller a musical shout out :laughing:
I don’t quite have the lyrics by heart. I inevitably hit the record button when I’m 90% there. (The last 10% just take too long… :roll_eyes:)

@jkahn Well spotted, good Sir :smiley:
Lately, whenever I learn a new song, I always have a little play around to see if there’s any low-hanging fruit with a hammer-on or an added finger somewhere. I suppose that’s a form of progress… :wink:

Hi Pam @pkboo3 , and thank you :smiley: I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard Suzanne before. It was pretty popular in our day, but quite different with Cohen’s voice and picking. Mal did a good job.

Cheers @Boris1565 , I’m glad you felt that, because that was my intention :smiley:
… which brings me to my good friend Gordon @sairfingers: What a tasty bad-news-sandwich! :yum:
You are of course bang on, acknowledging the good, whilst pointing out that the Emperor is stark naked! :rofl:
I’ve mentioned before how I see the guitar (in my live performances) simply as a prop for entertainment. From my point of view, it could just as easily be a tinny ukelele, banjo or mandolin. I hardly ever pick up the acoustic, I just prefer the feel of the electric (and presume sloppy fingering plays a big role :roll_eyes:). Despite having invested in my PodGo (which I love), I rarely tweak the knobs, so tone remains the same old, same old… I do look forward to gradually taking all of your observations on board, and things will continue to slowly evolve before I shuffle off.

Ah, Jasmine @Avalon426 cheers again for your support.
You peep behind the curtains of the great Oz and see this charlatan is actually a well-intentioned bloke :laughing:
Thank you!


@brianlarsen if I thought I was half the entertainer you are Brian I’d be happy :thinking::+1:. I’d agree with the vocal comments, thought it was tops :+1:. Well done, interesting song :ok_hand:

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Hey Brian, I don’t know this song and have to check it out now…you surely were connecting to it because the emotion came through very clearly…it was very enjoyable and… I know I have mentioned it before, I love the sound of your fnger strumming!


Cheers Craig :smiley:
We get better at the things we practice. I should probably practice more guitar skills :rofl:

I think this is the only song I ever changed the lyrics in because they made me feel uncomfortable :open_mouth:

In yer face @sairfingers :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, I listened to LC’s original and did recognize it.

Nice one Brian. I thought your voice shone on this one and perfectly captured the darkness of the song. Super stuff!

Wow that really wild, I absolutly recognize that song. I had gotten the sound track for the movie NBK around winter season of 94 maybe. That song was on it, my Girlfriemd at the time was big into NIN so we listened to a ton. I had no idea that was Cohen until just now listening to your video. God it makes so much sense now, but I sort of feel like a dope cause that was seriously 30 years ago and I didnt pay attention to the guy. Well, thank you for that great selection. And man yes, super dark Bro… love it. LOL lets just say it paired well with the bleak darkness of the movie. Great job singing it, you got the super strong baritone voice For Cohens stuff.