The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Playing this in the Key of G just like Johnny Cash did :slight_smile: You’ll probably notice the last verse missing because my computer auto-shut-down mid song so I wasn’t able to recover some stuff from my recording. Oh well, good start anyway!


Sounding great as always Tosh!

LOL @auto-shut-down! - the number of equipment related expletives I’ve uttered while trying to record stuff is…quite impressive.

Hi Tosh, that’s really sounding nice. Your voice suits this song so well, and I also like the way you sometimes ‘talk-sing’ the lyrics (I hope, this expression makes sense :thinking:).

I like The Gambler. It has been part of my repertoire right from the beginning, as it is such a fine campfire song :blush:.

Thanks for sharing :hugs:.

Thank you, Tosh, for doing this :slightly_smiling_face:
A great song and a wonderful performance :+1:
And I’m starting to love country music more and more.

Oops! Sorry it got cut off. But you did great. I always enjoy hearing and singing along with this one.

Nice job Tosh, great song and it was great to hear it again… I think a bit more practice might allow it to flow a bit smoother…


Your vocal certainly suits that stuff Tosh, well done. I haven’t ever heard the Johnny Cash version of this song, only the Kenny Rogers one.
I agree with LBro, I’ve heard you play more smoothly. Do a little more practice and you’ll have it nailed.
Well done.

I like it! Definitely channeling Cash here. I also dig the talk-sing thing. You play and sing with confidence. Well done!