The Joker by The Steve Miller Band Lesson

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Thanks for the tutorial of one of the greatest party songs of all time! After learning the La Bamba riff, the one for this song shouldn’t be too difficult at all. I also noticed some backbeat strumming in the intro which is great timing because I JUST finished that lesson and was looking for songs to incorporate it into.

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I note watching a video of the original that Steve Miller plays that opening riff right through the verses, and only strums during the chorus

Great song, can be played quite easy but also can become much harder when you add all those nice little details as in the playthrough.

I am working on the intro with the picked notes (muted?) and percussive hit at the moment and would be happy for some advice. While the percussive hit on every second beat is quite easy/clear (when I am not picking), it sounds like Justin also creates a percussive hit while picking (basically on every beat). Can you give me a hint, how to pick and get that percussive hit sound at the same time (maybe there is another lesson for it I have missed so far)?