The Kids aren't alright - The Offspring (Country Folk cover)

Hey everyone!

This is kinda strange I think.

I recorded this with my buddies, I have a country folk project of them some of you may know.

We recorded this just jamming today, and thought about sharing it here.

Any tip/advice is welcome of course. But my point was sharing this here, since I hadn’t posted anything here for a while.

This community has been a huge asset in my musical journey, and even though I’m not super active these days, it’s always nice to pop up every once in a while and see the familiar faces that helped me along and that I enjoy seeing play so much.

So, a comment is alright, just a like is alright, and nothing is also alright. Just wanted to share it with everyone here.

Hope you enjoy some of it, and you have a great day.



I love this song and I like your version, except for one thing: I found the opening verse, which is slower and seems somehow more cheerful, didn’t fit the lyrics very well, which tell a tragedy, of course. Once you hit the up-tempo part, I loved it. Well done!

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Hi Kevin,
Never apologise for dropping in to say hello :grinning:
Nobody owes anybody anything here ('cept of course Justin :rofl:) and we all love to hear what others are up to.
This brought a huge smile to my face :grinning:
I didn’t know the song, but you guys did one helluva job in your cover.
It’s rare to get not one, but three performers who demand your attention simultaneously :open_mouth:
Ole! Bravo! Encore!
(Only criticism: the glass wasn’t even half-full :laughing:)

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Good stuff Kevin. You and your buddies are clearly having loads of fun making music together.
A fun and enjoyable performance.

One thing. Your mates have nice upright sitting postures. You are slouching in a sofa. You’ll find singing and playing a lot easier if you get yourself an upright chair. :smiley:

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Terrific to hear from you Kevin and this was good fun and a lovely distraction for me to listen during an annoying work day!

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It was an amazing performance, made me smile :slight_smile:.

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Thanks for stopping in Kevin. When I started playing you were one of the guys I looked at in the community with admiration! So it’s great you still check in every now and again.

Loved the video. Familiar yet also unique.

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Nice romp of a good time. Made my day!

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Very good ! That was fun ! You made my day ! Keep on !

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Thanks for dropping in and sharing this with us, Kevin! :smiley:

You guys seem to have so much together, it’s enjoyable to watch and listen! :slight_smile: Great performance by all of you, love the style of your playing and happy to hear/see some country stuff going on. :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

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@jjw1 mm well that’s the opposite of what we were after, we felt the slower tempo would make it a bit more somber, was it my intonation or something specific? Thanks for the insight John, I really appreciate it!

@brianlarsen haha yep, seems like the beer had already gone into the three performers :sweat_smile: Cheers Brian!

@sairfingers thank you Gordon. About the posture, I actually had my phone on my leg with the lyrics, that’s the reason for slouching :sweat_smile:
Although recently I got a new chair and a foot rest, and my posture has improved a lot, I really recommend the footrest!
But you are totally right, the video is not the best example for a good posture. thanks again Gordon, cheers!

@Notter Thanks Mark! Going through the last OM right now, what a job as a host! cheers!

@RadekSiechowicz thanks for listening and the nice comment Radek!

@jkahn thanks JK, it’s always nice to come back and see familiar and friendly faces! Hopefully I’ll keep posting stuff but don’t want to make any promises :sweat_smile:
We made a big effort to make it our own and I think that shows, it also helps that it’s such a fun song to play.

@CT Thanks Clint! Cheers!

@BigLuc Thank you Luc, hope you had a great day! cheers!

@Lisa_S Thanks Lisa! It is really fun, we’ve been playing together for a long time now and we were trying to include some covers into our set, on our own stylo of course, which most of the times it means really fast and loud :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much everyone for dropping by, I’ll try to keep sharing more videos in the future, by myself or with my friends. The three of us are playing our first “international” gig next week, we have a friend living in Freiburg (Germany) and set it up for us, so it’s an exciting time in my musical “career :rofl:

Thanks again, I really appreciate it. Keep on rockin’!


Actually, I’m not quite sure what it was. It wasn’t about your singing, I think maybe I found your banjo player a bit comic or something. It’s hard to put my finger on it, it was just a vibe that I got. In any case, I think the “edgy” feeling of the subsequent verses fits better. But, as I said above, I thought overall it was great.

That was really good Kevin. I loved the southern feel you gave to the song and you guys looked to be having a great time.

Glad I am trawling back over old posts and did not end up missing this one !
Well that was a hell of a romp. Great energy and a whole lot of fun by the looks of it.
Never apologise for dropping Kevin, everyone’s welcome, just don’t be a stranger.
Good to see you.


Hello Kevin, so nice to see you :smiley:.
What an enjoyable rendition. This is one of my favourite The Offspring songs. Very well done :+1::clap:. Brought a smile to my face :blush:.

Good luck and have fun :smiley:!

HA! This is awesome :smiley:
Thanks for sharing, made me smile :smiley:

Hi Guys,

The guy in the hat made my day. Loving the energy he throws into it.

I could imagine you guys doing Irish Rover (Pogues).