The Last Snowflake - original (collaboration with FourTwo42)

Some of the ‘old-timers’ have been re-releasing hits from the vault, so I thought I might as well join 'em :wink:
This one is from my very early days when I joined FourTwo (Neil) in a Christmas competition. I was way out of my depth, but it was an education worth its weight in gold.
I know I watch through rose-tinted spectacles, but I do get a kick out of giving this a spin every Christmas. OM aficionados might recognise my compadre Chris on fiddle. I tagged on a 3-little-birdies coda on the end (which Neil wasn’t having any of at the time), I think partly because I hadn’t played any guitar on the piece itself :roll_eyes:


Magic from the vaults.
:slight_smile: I sent Neil a message so hope he finds his way here - it has been a long time since we heard the magic of his indie-vibe music.

That was terrific Brian. Very you and very REM sounding. I don’t remember listening to it before so I’m pleased you’ve re-released it.

I just have missed this one first time around as I don’t recall it. Good job guys!

Keep up the rock’n ways,

I had a nice, longish email exchange with him last month. He’s doing well and has been popping into the forum every now and again. I’d be surprised if he hasn’t already taken a peek here (Hi Neil :wink:).
@sairfingers, now there’s a band worth sounding like! I’m just thinking- I can’t recall ever playing one of their songs (2 Michael Stipe covers don’t count). Something for 2022 :smiley:
@LBro, and there was you teasing me about not paying attention. The inn is open again, although not a shekel to be squeezed out of the miserly guests. A couple of asses, but not a Messiah nor wise man between the lot of them :roll_eyes:

'Kin ace Lah !

It was Stella then and boy its even more now, me dear. Hey guess what its still fracked up! Be safe my dear musical mongrel. You and your legions look after yourselves be safe and be well. And kiss my donkey butt. :skunk: :giraffe: :penguin: :panda_face: :mouse: :horse: :rabbit: :parrot: :frog: :butterfly: :whale: Still cant find a donkey emoji…working on it ! :safety_vest:
Salutations and season greetings pal .

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That had me grinning the whole way through. :grinning:

(And I liked the coda.)

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I’ve not heard this either, but we’ll done. A bit of a downer, but many songs are. I’ve done a few myself.

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Thanks for sharing yet more memories, Brian. I recall the song from back then, most enjoyable to give it another listen. And :+1: on the coda.

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A first listen for me. As per usual, very creative Brian. Long may you continue to share your stuff.