The Madman's Diaries - The Blues Chapters - Chapter One

Madman’s Diaries

No words, just watch. Simples. :sunglasses:











Does this mean I can do nowt 'til July ??




It looks like a pretty great way to spend a Sunday.

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I really enjoyed that Toby. Happy Anniversary, by the way.

I think the diary format really works for you, so keep them coming! I Number 8 was my favorite here.

I’ve been meaning to tell you since last week that I was particularly impressed with your vocals this last OM. It’s obvious you have been working on them and the work is really paying off. Some of the best vocal work I have heard from you.

Enjoy the beautiful day there!

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Congrats to you both on your anniversary. Sounds like you had a productive day. I enjoyed the format, it definitely helps to see works in progress from other people, reinforces for me that my struggles are ok. Just getting going on my blues journey and it feels very daunting.

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Happy anniversary to you and the Missus Toby, I hope she had a nice a day as you did!

HH pieces are sounding good, I especially liked the chord voicings in #2. I like the sound you’ve got on the 6th string throughout as well. There’s lots of little licks you can take from these pieces for improv. As for RBS, you’re so Zen in your intro, too bad that can’t just continue with guitar in hand! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the anniversary wishes folks.

@TheCluelessLuthier Mark, I think some may question that ! It was in the mid to high 20c during the day and I was indoors in the studio ! :rofl:

@Jenndye429 Thanks for listening Jenn and the diary approval. Its ironic that the two tracks picked out here, by you and Mari, were the two PITAs and took the most takes. Must admit I do like the slides in 7 & 8. Kind words on the vocal, singing Skynyrd in a key that suits me is always an added bonus and makes it a bit easier to give it some wellie ! :sunglasses:

@philsmith Thanks for the listen Phil. Yes its always good to see how others make progress and that it is never plain sailing. Knowing that “its not just me” is a welcome reality check at times and that you are just going through the same thing we all are. We’re just at different stages down the same road. :sunglasses:

@Mari63 Mari The missus had a quiet day, as her ticker had been monkeying around a little the last few day but all is good. And yes transferring those licks to other scenarios, is what I like about this particular course. That No 2 was the worst culprit for RBS and that E7 at the 5th & 7th sounds sweet but I am for ever crash landing when approaching it !
Its also good to play two or three in the same key together for a longer piece but maybe that’s something to record once I get through the next ten. The next five are in Drop D so looking forward to that but the next few days will be back on the electrics.
As to the sound, I did not mention in the video that I’d used Waves CLA Unplugged in Reaper and that lovely String Canyon (with the Slap delay backed off)
Thanks for the feedback. :sunglasses:


Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Took a while but looked through it all. You look very relaxed on a sunny day in France.

Was that the script you had in front of you?

Looking forward to chapter 2. :closed_book:


PS interesting way to spend your anniversary, congrats to your wife and you.

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Congrats on the recent anniversary :clinking_glasses:

Really enjoyed this :slightly_smiling_face: it took me back almost 20 yrs to a time I was on holiday in St Ives :blush: stopped for lunch in a pub during the local folk/blues festival and spent a lovely afternoon listening to a guy play some fantastic finger style blues and ragtime tunes. Thanks for taking me back to a wonderful memory :v:

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No it was about 98% off the cuff but there had been so much going on over the last 3 years, I just jotted down some reference dates (just in case). The rest was pure waffle ! Always good to be relaxed when the sun is shinning :smile: Hopefully there will be a few more chapters this year but I appreciate you taking the time to listen. There will be less chat in future episodes and no need for the back story to be repeated, so folks can breath a sigh of relief. :sunglasses:

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Always good to have another Toby diary. Enjoyed listening to the blues studies…that constant bass beat really keeps things in the groove. Good to see the progress and looking forward to seeing you expand this further. Guitar btw was sounding really good on those recordings

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Hi Toby! Happy to see you coming back to the diaries. And a BLUES diary, how cool is that! Needed a while to get through the videos, but have seen them all. Hats off, very impressing performance, liked especially Nr. 6 to 10. It’s very inspiring, as I’m planning to take the blues road too… . Wish I could already play like you! Will take me years and years :wink:.
Funny to read about your fight with the red button syndrom, same for me. I record almost daily (only audio), so should be used to it, but can hardly get a final take to tick the box. Good to see, that experienced players like you have their struggles too. Sigh…
Looking already forward to follow your diary and congrats on your wedding anniversery!

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Hi Toby,
How nice that you did one again … I enjoyed it and had a good laugh too … but in France people go crazy more and more … eat frogs / snails and drink hot wine???

Congratulations on your aneversery and I hope you also enjoyed it together…I also enjoyed your blues, there are really nice ones :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap:

What do you think? :joy: but they were short so…

Greetings and I really liked it a lot :sunglasses:

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Bonjour Toby. I’ve listened to couple of your songs. Really good stuff and a testament to the time and effort you’ve put in. Well done.
I’ve only got 3G reception down here on the campsite and not sure how long my data allowance will last. I’ll listen to the rest once I get an idea how much data gets chewed up watching video. :+1:


I’ll be giving the frogs and snails a miss Rogier! :smile:


Hey Toby. When I saw you drop that onto the forum I couldn’t wait to get some time to sit down and give them a watch and listen on the big screen. The tone of the guitar on the recordings was superb and technique… you nailed it… some great playing… Looking forward to what’s coming up in Chapter Two.

I’m sure the mods will turn a blind eye to the Madman having one extra AVOYP topic this month :wink:

Edit: It is a shame you posted the videos all in one post as now I can only give a collective :heart:

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@Chazzo78 Lee blimey last time I was in St Ives for me jollies was about '78 !! Lovely place so glad I brought back some memories. Much obliged for taking a listen, cheers ! :sunglasses:

@Rossco01 Jason thank you for the positive MMD support, as I am still two minds but lets see how it goes. Yeah been loving playing this type of Blues over the last 5 or so months, really was a bit tricky to start with but its getting there. And yes that dead thumb bass keeps you honest and in those 10 there a couple of times it went awol :rofl: As to the guitar sound its taken a while to get something I am happy with when recording off the Piezo but getting nearer to something I like but straight condenser mic is still best !! :sunglasses:

@Helen0609 Andrea another thanks for the diary support, its comments like that which make me a little more confident they fit in the new house ! And thank you for listening to all the tracks. Its a steady build up of skills and techniques so after #5 its starts to get more interesting and challenging, But this will not take you years, I started the David Hamburger course in late December along side Justin’s Solo Blues course which I bought a while back. As it slowly builds new skills, it complements Justin’s course which kind of jumps in at the deep end (but is still doable if you take baby steps and are patient). As to the RBS, when I think of the number of recordings I have done since I joined the old forum, you’d think I would have got over that yonks ago. No way !! It’s been a complete nightmare this year. I’ve another 4 pieces lined up to record so I am hoping by doing them it will become a little easier again but it is what it is ! :sunglasses:

@roger_holland Rogier my friend I always aim to please and amuse (but often miss the target) Been a while since I ate snails but I am quite partial and frogs legs taste like chicken (that reminds me of Denis Leary!). The wine was not hot bit gently kissed by the evening sun, nectre ! Glad you enjoyed the music, they’re all short and sweet but real fun to play. Appreciate the support sir ! :sunglasses:

@sairfingers Gordon you don’t need to expend your holiday data allowance, listening to my moronic ramblings. You get that after every OM !!! But I do appreciate you taking a few for a spin. Save your data, enjoy your holiday as you can always catch up when you are back in the land of the midges ! :+1:

@Socio James its been a long time coming but I got there in the end. 2 'lecky Blues and 2 of Justin’s to come but this mixture wiped me out for now. When you said I nailed it, I assume that was reference to the bent nail and the dinks in the wood where I missed the thing completely ! There’s quite a few snafus in there if you look closely. Missed bass notes and a hideously unmuted A string on one of them. Getting that right/picking hand position is crucial to deaden the bass, while letting the melody sing, not easy and not consistent. Work in progress for sure but more to come. :sunglasses:

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Listened to the diary on YT when I couldn’t sleep the other night, Toby, always enjoy hearing your take on things.

Love the studies, have watched the first 5/6. Guitar sounds fabulous.

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I’ll take that in the spirit I am sure it was made. However, I always thought the Diaries could be marketed as a cure for insomnia ! :rofl: Glad you liked the pieces, certainly fun to play once they are under your fingers. :sunglasses:

Hi Toby,
your diary is an enjoyable and diverting listen. :+1: :slight_smile: Like it if people have something to tell which and am looking forward for the next one - for sure I will pour myself a glass of wine, too, as it perfectly fits the mood. :sweat_smile:

The studies sounded pretty nice to my ears, though! That “basso continuo”-kind of thing really keeps it going and is quite tough to get under your fingers, but you did it great. At least I didn’t notice you missed some. Thanks for sharing these insights with us! :smiley:

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Much appreciated LIsa.

It’s comments like that from relatively newer members of the Community, that convince me I should carry on, as there was been a big question mark over the format fitting into the new Community and big city vibe, after we shut the old “village” forum down.

Basso Continuo ! I like that !! Its actually has a number of names. Steady Thumb Blues, Dead Thumb Blues for example but emanates from the original Delta Blues of the '20s and '30s, Listening to some of the old masters playing like that and singing is inspiring but that level will be a long time in the making !

Thank you for taking the time to listen.


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