The “Major 6” Blues Colour

Adding the Major 6th interval to a regular minor pentatonic is a real hip sound. It’s a great sound over all three chords in a blues and an easy one to get familiar with.

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Hi, will you add please the missing diagrams? Thank you!

The stars represent the F# notes.

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Hi John,
you found an old note from me :joy:

@roger_holland, as you know, sometimes it’s quicker to make your own diagram :slight_smile:

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Absolutely,. :sunglasses:…I’m going to be photographing some of my first chords on a paper ,and scales with all 5 patterns drawn on a sheet with color markers :see_no_evil:…I must have it somewhere…for my LL… :grin:
And Peter @Goto13 …welcome and a lot of fun with this grade 6 stuff …Hopefully you’re not going through the course a little too fast given your question…a solid foundation really works a lot better for a longer period of time…
Greetings ,Rogier

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