The new JustinGuitar Community, how does that work?

If you open browser on your mobile and use it for a while your browser should ask if you want to install an app.

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He’s always had the easy rider Avatar David
It was Denis Hoffman now it’s Peter Fonda

You might be right. Did that just now.

Et voilà! OK I see, I need to type minimum 20 words.

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Fantastic Sandy, one happy customer !

@stitch I think @DavidP actually referring to the change of moniker and not the picture but hey I could leave Captain America up for a years or so and the maybe go George Hanson.


Shoot and I’m gonna leave The Madman up ! Yawl know its me !

Hey and I just found you can enlarge the Topic and Preview panel by accident, when I dragged the picture over. That will be handy for David’s long posts !

Hey ! Lets have our first poll and I’ll set what the result is on Monday, December 20, 2021 7:00 AM

  • Stay as The Madman
  • Go back to tobyjenner

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This will be fun as I ain’t got a Scooby how this poll thing works !


I haven’t really figured out how to get involved with the forum yet, but I’ve been learning from Justin for two years now. Giving my first performance tomorrow for people besides friends and family. I’m playing Pride and Joy a shortened modified version where I’ve created my own solo adapted from Stevie’s. Excited and hope it goes well


Welcome aboard, David.
Hey, ask someone in the audience to record some of your performance on a mobile phone and then upload it in the music section :smiley:

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Best of luck with your performance tomorrow. Have fun. I’m sure it’ll go well.

Re getting involved in the forum. Just start posting stuff - questions, AVOYPS, tips, anything really etc.
In recent months I’ve become a lot more active in the forum, and its helped me enormously. Helping others out in small ways too is a great feeling, even at my relatively early stage. I think we all have something to contribute here.

The other great benefit is there’s some crazy, left-field, highly entertaining, fun loving, helpful, and of course very knowledgeable and experienced folk on here. Where else would you want to be? :crazy_face:

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Hi David and Welcome

I would agree with Brian, try and get the performance recorded and post it here

But general involvement ? If you need answers about anything or specific lessons just asks. You’ll see most of the Categories are self explanatory where they related to courses or Grades. If you post in the wrong place, the mods @LievenDV or @Richard_close2u will move it to the right section.

Keep an eye on what’s being posted, if you can provide answers to someone question, feel free to do so. You been doing Justin’s courses so can provide consistent advice to others here based on your experience.

If you see a topic and have something to say or share, just jump in and reply. Or create a new one to share your own experiences. Start a Roadcase to share and keep track of your journey.

Do all that and you will soon be fully involved. Every one is here to help and be supportive, so just speak up whenever you want. Its a simple as that.

Just jump in and don’t be shy.

Best of luck with the gig, let us know how it goes.



Hi all, missed the news somehow. Was looking for comment underneath the lessons and it brought me here. Will look into it to start a new road case soon. Nice to have a new environment!


Hi and welcome to the Community which carries on where the Forum left off. As Shane said above, loads of warm fizzy helpful folk all willing to pass on their experience and advice. Few nutters around :wink: but I wouldn’t worry about them there all harmless. Take a look around and shout if you need any help. Its early days and a few issues, concerns have been raised and there are some follow ups in progress but if you find anything, drop it in here, if its not been reported all ready



Wish you well for the performance, David, sounds fabulous and exciting to be playing a SRV tune. Let us know how it goes and as others said, a recording (video or just audio) would be a treat.

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I’m excited to be in the new community. Great to see everybody. Now time to explore a bit.


Yay Tosh did you get my message !! Great to see you here. :sunglasses:

Hey interesting pollsters ! Things are tightening up again. Still 20 hours of voting peeps :sunglasses:

I now have two aspects … close2u and Richard.
Perhaps you could do similar @TheMadman Toby.


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Bonza idea ! But hey be interesting to see how the poll finishes. No landsides here yet :rofl:

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Love to know how it goes!


Hi and Welcome to the Community !

Read all about it here !