Hey New Peeps Want To Be Involved With Our First Community POll

Ok I something discovered by accident during testing, is if you hit the Cog on the command line when writing a new topic, you can add a Poll. This afternoon I was helping one of our members change their username as they had lost their previous one from The Forum

To do that I changed my username to my alter ego, which most folk know but newbies won’t.
As I was about to change it back I thought, hey lets have some fun and have a poll.
Should I keep this moniker or go back to the one I’ve been using sine Mar 2013 ??

Well now is your chance to make that decision, follow the link below and find the poll.
Life is too serious, lets have some fun.

Hey interesting pollsters ! Things are tightening up again. Still 20 hours of voting peeps :sunglasses:

An update from the original post …