The Note Trainer App isn't compatible with my Samsung S21

I am interested in downloading the note trainer app from the android store but I am told that it is not compatible with my Samsung S21. Am I maybe doi g something wrong on my end?

Thank you!

Have you downloaded and run the app?

Ive run Note Trainer, Time Trainer etc on Samsung phones, tablets etc. Should be fine.

Thank you for the quick answer. It is good to see you and I am reminded that I need to post some videos of my playing to keep a record. I just watched one and realized that I am playing SO much better already!

I tried to download the app but got the error that “this phone is not compatible with the app.” So I was not able to try it out. I also tried clicking the Apple software to see if the redirecting addresses they send you to might have been swapped but that was not the issue. I also went directly to the Google Play store to get it and the error persisted. I have updated the firmware for this phone last week so I don’t think that it is that.

Guessing it is a glitch with the software but it could be my phone. No worries, as long as my guitar and hands are working, I can find a way. :laughing:.This is something that there are a ton of resources for. Just wanted to give a head’s-up that something was amiss to keep this the best guitar learning site in the universe.

Have a great day and thanks again!

I get the error too. It says the app is not available on my device being developed for an older android version.

It could well be that the current app version is not compatible with the latest Android version.
The latest version of the Guitar Fretboard Note Trainer I that I can find in the Android Play store is 1.16, and it has been last updated May 26th, 2020 - three years ago.

Maybe one of the moderators could share more information if this app is still being maintained?
@Richard_close2u @LievenDV @DavidP - if one of you could take a look that would be very much appreciated.


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I would be interested in buying the app but get the incompatibility issue as well.

@sclay Shane, I’m unable to buy it to even try to see if it will work on my phone as there isn’t even a buy button there.

I’ve added a screenshot of what it say’s.

Just hopping on to say the error message persists in August 2023 for the Justin Time trainer. The software needs to be updated to be compatible with current Android software.

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I’m not even able to see any apps in the Play Store. (S21FE) The user ‘Justinguitar’ doesn’t show up in searches, nor do any of the apps. It’s only ‘Musopia’ and the beginner’s app.

Do Ear Training with my cool app, he says…

Why is Android still being treated like the lesser-used platform?

I looked in the AppStore. The JustinGuitar apps (interval trainer, time trainer, …) were released 10 years ago. The last update dates from 3 years back, which means ‘ancient’ in app-terms. So it might well be a question of newer Android versions no longer supporting older apps rather than Android being treated like the lesser-used platform.

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