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Great song. I have been playing it on the electric guitar for over a year now.
I think that in the verse they’re playing the chord Dsus2 and not D.
The chord progression is Em - Dsus2 - Em

I cant find this song on the app is it pending or removed

Chris @Plinker1
Welcome to the community.
Sorry don’t have the app at present so not able to help I am sure somebody will answer.


I agree with Plinker1. This song is not on the app. Hopefully, someone will check this and it will get added soon.
I do not see any R.E.M. songs on the app. Everybody Hurts would also be great to add.

Hi @Plinker1 and @Andrewjm,

As you’ve observed, sadly this song is not in the app. I don’t know if it ever was, but I do know several songs were removed from the app last July due to licensing issues. Thankfully Justin’s lessons on the website are not impacted by this! And Musopia are adding new songs to the app every month, I think.

You may already know this, but in case not: the Songs section of the website shows if a song is available in the app. In the screenshot below, I searched for songs by Neil Young (scroll down past Latest Releases to find the search bar). The blue icon showing a phone indicates the song is in the app, the icon with the music note indicates that the chords and lyrics for the song are included in the Tabs subscription. As you may have guessed, the Tabs require a subscription due to - licensing costs. Searching the songs for R.E.M. shows they are not available in the app, but there are Tabs. Hope that helps!


Thank you for the reply. Justin mentions in the video lesson that the song is on the app, so perhaps it got pulled for licensing reasons.
I have the App, but not the Tabs. I should get the Tabs, too :slight_smile:

There are a couple of scrolling tabs/lyrics videos on YouTube

It won’t let me post the YT link, so just go to YT and search
“The one i love by REM (play along chords and lyrics)” It’s on the Velocity YT channel
Play That Guitar!! Channel has a lesson, too
“THE ONE I LOVE - R.E.M. - Guitar lesson - Acoustic guitar (with chords & lyrics)”


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Can anyone help with second time Justin runs through the riff at the start or what he does during the chorus (‘fire….’ Bit). I’ve slowed it down, listened like a thousand times but my listening skills are clearly not up to scratch… I can’t figure it out or make my version sound close… I’m very keen to play this but don’t want to just strum through the chorus like the rest of the song…. TIA….